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The Top 10 Most Extravagant Christmas Purchases

While most of us count the pennies this Christmas, for some money is no object.

christmastreekx3 The Top 10 Most Extravagant Christmas Purchases

Take a look at this run down of the most extravagant, expensive and downright obscene Christmas non-essentials:

1. The $1.6m Christmas tree:
If bling is your thing, then a 24 karat gold tree, encrusted with 240 jewels and weighing in at more than 21kg might do it for you. The ‘tree’ is on display in a jewellery shop in Japan. Number sold? Zero. Surprised? No-one

2. Movida’s Christmas cocktail:
The Movida Club, a favourite hangout for celebrities, footballers and the ‘born rich’, holds the record for the most expensively pointless Christmas Cocktail. The drink, which blends Cristal Rose champagne, Louis XII Cognac and edible gold leaf, costs $71,011 a shot and is ironically named Flawless.

3. The Krebs Glas Lauscha bauble:
Not one for houses with children, this bauble is covered with intricately crafted gold and diamond detail, and it’s made of glass. At $31,000 each, they had better come wrapped in a bit more than tissue paper.

4. Ferrari go-cart:
A must have for spoilt kids the world over, this faithful replica of the real thing will set doting parents back a mere $50,000

5. The his and hers chocolate portrait:
No doubt designed with chocoholic art lovers with too much time on their hands, this photographic portrait rendered in chocolate goes for $110,000. At least the money goes to charity.

6. Diamond Barbie:
‘The world’s most expensive Barbie’ comes in a gown encrusted with 160 De Beers diamonds and costs $85,000. Presumably it’s not for kids, but who knows?

7. The M&S Christmas Hamper:
Stuffed with the exclusive food and drink for all over the world, the Marks & Spencer hamper retailed for $1,500. It doesn’t seem to have hit the stores just yet this year…

8. Vertu mobile phone:
If ‘gadget crime’ isn’t an issue, then the diamond encrusted Vertu mobile phone is just the job – that is if you have about $75,000 to spare. It does have a 24 hour, once touch concierge service. No? OK

9. Amour Amour Dog Collar:
Not to leave out the least grasping member of the millionaire family, this diamond dog collar costs a cool $1.8m.

10. 3D Motion Simulator:
The ultimate in big boys toys, this $300,000 simulator puts Nintendo and Sony in their place, allegedly.

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