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10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and Drinks

I thought of this idea yesterday when everyone was talking about green beer. Sometimes, foods are just supposed to be one color. And when they’re not, it feels wrong.

I know that green beer is regular beer with tasteless food coloring added. And yet, when you drink it, your mind thinks something is off. Food colors matter.

So I put together this list of 11 weirdly-colored foods, strange food colors, and/or experiments in food coloring that were just flat-out wrong

  • Green beer. Alcohol shouldn’t color your tongue. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. That’s why I never do shots out of test tubes. Why put the shots that are all juice and coloring into the nerdiest scientific item in the entire bar? They don’t light up your flaming shots with a bunsen burner.
  • green beer 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and DrinksPink fake bacon (or “fakon”). I don’t get why they do this on vegetarian products. It’s not bacon. It doesn’t taste like bacon. And, worst of all, in their attempts to make it resemble bacon, it’s hot pink with fake off-white marbling.
  • pink soy bacon 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and DrinksPurple ketchup. At one point, Heinz decided that kids didn’t want red ketchup any more, they wanted colored ketchup. The stuff looks like, at best, mold.
  • purple ketchup 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and DrinksBlue raspberry. I never understood why blue became the universal color of raspberry in candy. I get that cherry is red, but kids aren’t stupid. And they haven’t lost their vision yet… they can still visually discern between red and maroon or red and vermilion. “Blue raspberry” was such a weird decision someone made once upon a time that stuck.

blue raspberry gum 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and Drinks

  • Crystal Pepsi. Frankly, this was all just an elaborate ruse to cram yet another reference to Crystal Pepsi onto this blog.
  • crystal pepsi 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and DrinksGreen eggs. My name is Sam. For my entire life I have been tormented by this food. At least when people want to make a lame cultural reference to my name they go for “Sam I Am” and not “I Am Sam”. And then to round it out I could say “Am I Sam?”
  • green eggs1 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and DrinksPink butter. Unacceptable. If butter’s pink, how can Americans continue to secretly cook everything in it and fatten up. The pink would leave evidence behind.
  • pink butter 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and DrinksWhite mint chocolate chip. I remember when my mom bought some white mint chocolate chip ice cream. I thought it was weird. Then I ate some and it was effing delicious. Seriously. I think my mom and I would’ve killed a man for trying to take this away from us.I’m fairly sure that green is added to most cheaper mint chocolate chip ice creams just to distinguish it from regular chocolate chip.

    It’s like the green color in the Shamrock Shake. Does it really add a minty taste or is that in your head? (And, more importantly, did you just think to yourself, “Oh shit it’s March 18th McDonald’s is gonna stop selling Shamrock Shakes this week I gotta go buy one before I get McRibbed.”

  • white mint chocolate 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and DrinksPurple mashed potatoes. I actually don’t care for mashed potatoes, so this doesn’t gross me out any more than regular white mashed potatoes.

purple mashed pottato 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and Drinks

  • Black tomatoes. These, on the other hand, gross me out hardcore.

black tomatoes 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and Drinks

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ireel 10 Strange, and Often Wrong, Colored Foods and Drinks


  1. anonymous says:

    you’re bothered easily, huh?

  2. I agree with the purple ketchup. When my mom bought it I was really excited, yay purple ketchup! But then I put it on my fries…it didn’t even have the same consistency of normal ketchup, it was almost lumpy and the colour just grossed me out.

  3. All GMO containing foods must be identifiable this way! We can safely eat the normal colored stuff, and for the risk-takers among us, a veritable rainbow cornucopia of new flavors, textures and colors! Why not! easier than labeling every single Apple or pear, and probably less offensive! I for one like GMO’ed foods, and am looking forward to the day we all eat GMO’ed veggies from front lawn gardens and fish and greens from aquaculture tanks running at home! For Cheap! and a certain food supply in the crunch to come, when the “Factory Farms” owned primarily by foreign investment firms find greener territories with larger returns, bankrupt and move on, leaving poor Yankee Doodle, holding the bag, as before, only this time, it is his food bag, and it will be very empty indeed! As soon as our last factories, the car factories move to Asia, as is happening at the moment, our lifestyle will change, and we will have to change with it! be prepared, get a garden going, look Aquaculture up on the net, don’t be fooled, Mrs., Obama is not! Cya!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, they made raspberry drinks blue so they could be differentiated from strawberry drinks. I am pretty sure,though, that blue and regular raspberry taste different, since I like one and not the other.

  5. The mashed potatoes are purple because they are made from naturally purple potatoes, and they taste better than regular potatoes.

  6. and the black tomatoes are an heirloom variety, it’s naturally occuring

  7. Vladimir Nazarov says:

    The purple potatoes might be Ube, a purple yam really popular in the Philippines.

  8. It’s called blue raspberry because it’s “Blueberry Raspberry”

  9. Evil Commie says:

    Black tomatoes are the best tomatoes ever.
    Black Prince, Black Krim and Purple Cherokee just to name a few. Yum Yum

  10. The blue rasberry one… the berries on the packaging looks awfully like blueberries. Which would explain the colour. Is this some sort of naming mistake maybe?

  11. Hannah Banana says:

    Red Lemonade.. only available in Ireland!

  12. the blue potatoe thing, in New zealand tyhey have purple potatoes, there called maori potatoes, there much better tasting than regular ones

  13. maori potatoes? as a new zealand citizen who has lived here my whole life I can safely say they are not “maori potatoes” they are kumara, and come in purple and red colourings. that’s only the skin though, once you peel that off it’s just kind of orangey yellow inside. they’re the equavilant to a “sweet potato” in america.

  14. I thought of another strange one pepsi came up with – blue pepsi. that stuff was crazy wrong.

  15. ew…black tomatoes?….that’s gross….I think that if your food isn’t the right color, you shouldn’t eat it…but that’s just me..if you wanna get yourslef hospitalized for the shit you ate, go ahead….I’m just gonna laugh at all the retards who ate this crap….

  16. @Lucy It’s only stupid to eat things that aren’t made a different colour than they are. Making green cheese by way of a food dye isn’t the same as eating cheese that was once regular white or orange-ish and turned green. I mean, the dyes and preservatives aren’t healthy, but I doubt they will put anyone in the hospital.

  17. Leah Creates says:

    Haha, I really appreciated the green eggs part because you pointed out that your name is Sam and you’ve been tormented by this your whole life. Being born in the 80s and named Leah has subjected me to a lifetime of having “Princess” added to the front of my name. NOT. CLEVER.

  18. Those are not black tomatoes, they are called heirloom tomatoes and also come in shapes that are not normal for a tomato. But in the grand scheme of things, they are very very delicious and go great with some burrata cheese. Open up your mind and you never know what you will find.

  19. Blue raspberry flavored products have a distinctly different taste than regular raspberry flavored foods. I like them both, but I prefer blue raspberry. I can’t quite explain what the difference is, but its very clearly there, and is not just a color added to keep strawberry, cherry, and raspberry separated.

  20. Neptune says:

    Katie, Maori potatoes do exist and they are different to kumara. They’re also called Taewa. Google them and look at the pictures, they’re purple on the inside, unlike kumara.

  21. I’m almost positive the “purple mashed potatoes” are poi, a tuber found in Hawaii; considering all of this food is American I would bet it’s safe to say it doesn’t account for New Zealand produce and what not.

  22. Some of the food you put here are in fact in their natural colour… Better research before embarrassing yourself next time.

  23. “”Hannah Banana Says:

    Red Lemonade.. only available in Ireland!””

    Kidding? In Finland we have at least.. 6 types of red lemonade :)

  24. I’ve had the Morning Star “Bacon”. It tastes like paper.

  25. @Renee: mmm, burrata. I had it for the first time a few weeks ago, and my life hasn’t been the same since

  26. i have to say, i WANT that pink butter. i have never wanted something that comes in a tube more than i want that pink butter.

  27. I buy purple potatoes every week at the farmer’s market, and no, it’s not just the skin, but the inside as well. They are wonderful, creamy in texture (great as baked, too). By the way, they’re called “blues,” and Trader Joes has been selling potato chips made with them for years.

  28. poi is made from taro….which is predominantly white with purple “veins”

    okinawan sweet potatoes are purple on the inside.

  29. Cool! Purple mashed potato with pink buttter!

  30. Blue raspberries actually exist. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubus_leucodermis)
    The actually blue raspberry plant looks like a blackberry though but the flavor in a blue raspberry candy tastes like an actual blue raspberry.

  31. mashed potatoes look like ice cream kool!

  32. The purple potatoes are Peruvian potatoes that can be bought in the US. The restaurant I work for in the summertime makes amazing mashed peruvans and I love them!! There is no artificial dye, but I’m sure they put a good deal of butter in them!

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