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how to keep an idiot busy How to keep an idiot busy [animated gif version]

Top 10 Scariest TV Shows of All Time!!!

1. Teletubbiessh10 Top 10 Scariest TV Shows of All Time!!!

If you don’t agree this is the most terrifying television show of all time – then you haven’t watched it. These horrible creatures have televisions in their stomachs, and make disturbing noises that pass for language. They are a perfect example of children’s programming gone wrong, and are guaranteed to give any parent nightmares that they may never recover from.

I have never seen another show that I found as horrifying – nothing else has ever come close. This nightmarish thing deserves to be erased from television history all together. There’s no telling what its done to the children of the world who watched it.
2.Masters of Horror
An hour long anthology series on Showtime that just recently aired, Masters of Horror took some of the top creators in the realm of horror, and let them run loose – doing basically whatever they please. The result was a mixed bag. Some shows were more funny than scary, but others were truly horrific and frightening.
3. Tales from the Crypt
Often funny, entertaining, and sometimes truly frightening, Tales from the Crypt is the rock with which many of the shows on our list was built on. The Crypt keeper will forever be a horror icon, and this show has to many great episodes to mention by name (that’s a top ten list in and of itself…hmmm)
4. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The classic scares of this show will last forever. Alfred Hithcock was a master of suspense and terror, and some of the episodes of his show constantly delivered smart and chilling tales. As a kid it was the most terrifying portion of Nick at Nite, and it will always have a place in the TV scare hall of fame.
5. X-Files
The truth is out there…and it just might scare the hell out of you. The X-Files did a great job of being a mystery, a comedy (at times), and a fantastically scary show. What lurks out in the dark? We may never know, but this show has some great, and terrifying theories
6.The Twilight Zone

Imagine if you will…a television show…so frightening…that it completely messed up generations of kids. The Twilight Zone is the standard with with all television horror must be judged against. Like most of the shows on this list, it could have its own Top 10 scariest moments…the show is a classic, with too many great episodes to name. It was filled with cautionary tales, and frightening situations.

The Twilight Zone was television at its finest.

7. The Outer Limits

While the original Outer Limits was more of a “monster of the week” styled show, the remake, which ran from 1995 to 2002 introduced a more science related sci-fi that you normally see on television, and some of the show had truly frightening concepts. At 154 episodes, chances are, The Outer Limits is out there, “controlling the horizontal, and the vertical” on a television somewhere…right now…
8. Most Haunted
Speaking of reality shows…there are very few that do “reality” right…but Most Haunted is one that’s pretty good at it. This british series follows a troop of ghost hunters to some of the “most haunted” (hence the title) places on earth. Sometimes there isn’t much going on, but most of the time, the show can be chilling, and very entertaining.
9. Are you afraid of the Dark?
if you’re in your mid to early 20s, then you probably remember “Are you Afraid of the Dark?”. It was a show that first ran on Nickelodeon on Saturday nights. It was an anthology show that featured kids telling campfire tales as a framework for short scary stories. It was very much in the vein of Tales from the Crypt or the Twilight Zone, with a 90s, kid friendly spin…but it still scared the hell out of us here at TV Jab when we were but wee lads.
10. Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries was a lot of things. Long before cable television took the concept of “reality television” and ruined it, Unsolved Mysteries could haunt your dreams with some of the most frightening tales of Ghosts and Alien encounters ever. What made them so terrifying? They actually happened…

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