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Top 5 Toughest Presidents

Being the leader of the free world is a tough job. You have to have a set of stones if you’re going to let the world know who’s boss. However, some Presidents are more physically imposing then others and would have no problem showing the opposition who’s boss. Here are the top five President’s that, if Politics were the UFC,would stomp Hugo Chavez’s ass.

Gerald Ford

gerald ford Top 5 Toughest Presidents
Despite being portrayed as a klutz by the media, Ford was linebacker and center for the University of Michigan giving the school two undefeated seasons and national titles in 1932 and 1933. He also took down Heisman Trophy winner Jay Berwanger.

Teddy Roosevelt

teddy roosevelt Top 5 Toughest Presidents

Forget that crippled guy, if ever there was a “man’s man” in the Oval Office, it’s Teddy Roosevelt. The original “Rough Rider”, Roosevelt enjoyed hunting, ranching, taking down outlaws, and boxing. Upon leaving the White House, Roosevelt enjoyed big game hunting and killed 512 big game animals like rhinos while on safari. Care to step into the ring Ahemadinjad?

Andrew Jackson

andrew jackson Top 5 Toughest Presidents
There’s a reason this guy is on the twenty. At age thirteen, Jackson joined the Revolutionary War effort as a courier and wound up being taken prisoner by the British. While incarcerated, Jackson not only almost starved to death but took slashes from a Red Coat for refusing to clean his captors boots. One would think Jackson would’ve started playing it safe after that incident, but he’d only just begun. Jackson had a unique way of settling disputes; with a duel. Jackson reportedly fought 13 duels one of which he won with a bullet lodged in his chest.

Abraham Lincoln

abraham lincoln Top 5 Toughest Presidents Don’t mess with this guy, when Lincoln lived in New Salem he challenged the leader of a local group of ruffians to a wrestling match. Lincoln grabbed the guy by the neck and shook him like he was child, riling up his gang. When a normal man would’ve retreated, Lincoln offered to take ‘em all on. Should’ve thought twice Confederacy.

Ulysses S. Grant

ulysses grant Top 5 Toughest Presidents
One of the most aggressive and successful generals of the Civil War, Grant was described by historians as a man who understood the importance of “the simple importance of inflicting greater losses on the enemy than he can sustain, day after day, until he breaks. Grant the boy never retraced his steps. Grant the man did not retreat—he advanced.” Bad ass.


  1. AfterMarketCNG says:

    Notice how there aren’t any democrats on there :)

  2. THe truth says:

    Notice how Lincoln (although republican by name) practiced and believed in many of the ideals now thought of as something a democrat would do. By today’s terms he is nothing short of a democrat.

  3. I’ve always wanted to say this. Shopped.
    Seriously. The famous picture of Lincoln is Lincoln’s head superimposed on another’s body done by the original photographer. True!

  4. AfterMarketDUH says:

    “Notice how there aren’t any democrats on there.”

    Yeah, and how are they doing today? The second they don’t get their way after crippling the worlds economy, they want to secede form the country. How unpatriotic and wimpy they have become. Pathetic.

  5. well, technically back when lincoln was elected The Republican and Democrats beliefs were reversed.

    so….suck on that?

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