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Hitler was the perfect boss…

…Former maid breaks her silence on the ‘charming’ dictator

History has condemned him as the megalomaniac who brought death and misery to millions.

But for one woman, the name Adolf Hitler evokes a smile not a shudder.

She is Rosa Mitterer, who worked as a maid for the Fuhrer at his mountain retreat in Bavaria in the 1930s.

Rosa is 91 and until now has kept a vow of silence about her experiences. She has chosen to break it after realising she is the last survivor of the circle who served the tyrant in the years before he launched the Second World War.

hitler maid Hitler was the perfect boss...

91-year-old Rosa Mitterer is the sole survivor of those who served Adolf Hitler in the years before the Second World War

And her verdict on her former master: ‘He was a charming man, someone who was only ever nice to me, a great boss to work for. You can say what you like, but he was a good man to us.’

Rosa’s remembrances of life at the court of the tyrant make gripping reading. She saw leading Nazis come and go. Himmler, the evil party secretary; Bormann, whom she described as a ‘dirty pig'; and the club-footed, sexually-obsessed propaganda minister Goebbels.

Rosa went into Hitler’s service at the age of 15 in 1932 when she was Rosa Krautenbacher. Her sister Anni had worked as a cook at Hitler’s Berchtesgaden retreat since the late 1920s.

‘She said he needed a housemaid and I would fit the bill,’ Rosa recalled. ‘I remember so clearly the first day I spoke to him in the kitchen. I said I was Anni’s sister and that made him smile, because Anni was his favourite. I only ever knew Hitler as a kindly man who was good to me.’

hitler rosa sister Hitler was the perfect boss...

A photo taken at Rosa’s sister’s wedding, which Hitler attended

His former housekeeper was Geli Raubal, with whom it was rumoured he had a love affair. ‘She shot herself in September 1931 and I was told as soon as I went to work for him that he was not to be approached on the anniversary of that day,’ said Rosa.

‘My sister and I shared a room that was directly over Hitler’s. We could hear him crying.’

For a long time she and Anni were the only servants in the home, known as Berghof.

Recalling her first direct request from her master, she said she was drying some porcelain cups when he came down the stairs.

‘Hello,’ he said softly. ‘Sorry to trouble you, but could you make me some coffee and bring some gingerbread biscuits to my study?’

Coming into such close proximity to Hitler made her feel faint, she said, but she soon became accustomed to life at Berghof.

‘I rose at 6am every day and put on a red-green dirndl with a white apron. My first task was to feed his dogs – he had three German shepherds at the beginning called Wolf, Muck and Blondi.

adolf hitler portrait Hitler was the perfect boss...

‘In those days, Hitler slept in his study. In it was an iron bed, one wardrobe, one table, two chairs and a shoebox. It was very modestly furnished. Beside the bed hung a picture of his mother.’

She added: ‘I didn’t have to be a Nazi party member or anything. After a while I relaxed a bit. Apparently it was Hitler’s orders that Anni and I be taken to church every Sunday because he thought this would be “good for us”.

‘Another time he came into the kitchen, saw me and said, “Ahh, I see our little one has grown a little plumper!”.’

Part of her duties involved sorting out the fan letters and presents that were delivered in their thousands to the house.

‘There were cigars, jars of jam, flowers, pictures,’ she recalled. ‘We gave most of them away to poorer peasant families nearby on Hitler’s orders.’

Her time in service also allowed her to see at close quarters the woman Hitler kept secret from his people throughout his rule – Eva Braun. ‘She was not so pretty close up,’ Rosa recalled.

‘Himmler was always there too, thinner than what he looked like in the photos, and Goebbels.

‘And Bormann, I didn’t like him at all. He was a dirty pig.’ By the end of 1934, the house was surrounded by minefields and SS checkpoints. Rosa said. ‘I felt like a prisoner instead of an employee.’

In 1935 she fell in love with local businessman Josef Amorts and handed in her notice. She was told she could leave immediately..

‘I only met Hitler once more, on December 10, 1936, when Anni married Herbert Doehring, manager of the Berghof. He came to the wedding and was nice to me, saying he missed me.’

Rosa married in 1939 and had three daughters. She later remarried. A great-grandmother, she now lives in Munich. After the war she had to confront the reality of the man for whom she had worked so willingly. And in particular the reality of the Holocaust.

‘That he had ordered such terrible things, I just couldn’t believe it,’ she said. ‘Even now, I prefer to remember the charming facets of his personality.’


  1. One wonders what he would have accomplished, what he would have been remembered for, had he not been a Catholic and carried all the anti-semitic baggage that entails. It is certainly obvious that his armies would have achieved a lot more had there not been so many soldiers and resources wasted on the “final solution”.
    I imagine all of continental Europe would now be Deutschland.

  2. Hitler hated the Jews because he was insane, not because he was a Christian.

  3. neutralgod says:

    hitler wasn’t insane, he did it because of all the jewish people moving into germany, and he was angry at watching his own people suffer as the jewish people got rich. he wanted the power back in the hands of the poor german people, he only could think of one way to prevent history from repeating itself.

    he was misdirected and angry, but he definitely not insane. i do believe he was a genius, and he only carried the insanity that a large intelligence brings.

  4. Virginia Church says:

    Neutralgod, you are mistaken. Most of the Jewish families he wiped out lived in communities called shtetls, where they were residents for many hundreds of years in Germany, Poland and Austria. There has always been anti-semitism in Europe – it is only a matter of degree.

    Contrary to his propaganda piece, Mein Kampf, Hitler was just an ordinary anti-semite, then became rabid about it when he got a big beer hall crowd reaction by tying in the existing mildly negative sentiment about Jews with conspiracy theories about the post WWI government, the German’s loss in WWI, the horrible post -war economy and Communism. They were just scapegoats, a group to rally the troops around.

    Evilgod muses about what Hitler would have accomplished without all of the energy focused on the Jewish people as scapegoats – the answer is, nothing. They were his raison d’etre, as far as the German people were concerned. Every political group needs an “other” to be opposed to, an enemy and the poor Jews were “it.”

    His religion was pagan – he believed in the mystical supremacy of a master race, the Aryans, from whom the Germans were descended – in fact, this was erroneous, since Aryan referred to Indo-Iranians. One of the many twisted and confused concepts based on some small kernal of truth that comprised the “culture” of Nazi Germany. He was raised Catholic but rejected the religion and ultimately killed millions of them, too.

    This is the age of the Internet. Do a search and get a clue.

  5. To EvilGod;

    Hitler wasn’t a Catholic, he was a Lutheran.

    He was also a psychopath.

  6. neutralgod;

    Hitler hated the Jewish because they were the most intelligent, smartests people.

    Hitler destroyed the German economy, so he had to blame a minority, the Jewish, for all the troubles that occurred in the country at that time.

    The Jewish were successful and rich, so he used them as scapegoats.

  7. It makes me laugh when people talk about Hitler calling him “intelligent”, “bright”, “powerful”
    Truth is, he destroyed his beautiful country, and he was so embarrassed to admit it, he used the Jewish success as a scapegoat.

    So, let’s eliminate them!!

    Looking at his performance as a leader, we can say he “wasn’t very smart”, he lost the war everywhere, and he was a failure in everything.

    The result of his stupidity and arrogance, was millions of people dead, half of Europe in ruins, and a terrible legacy.

  8. anonymous says:

    hitler did not destroy the german economy. he took office in a depression. hitler pulled us out of the depression by giving us the war.

  9. Jews are always promoting anti racism, and the whole world swallows it up. But they themselves are racist and will not hire any non Jew for any reason. They are a very manipulative race of people and they try to hide it by changing their last names whenever it is advantageous such as TV & Movies so as not to appear like a huge monopoly.
    The U.S & Canadian governments are almost solely comprised of Jews, and hire non Jews as scapegoats or fall guys only.
    Hitler got a taste of this inequality perpetrated by the Jew and decided to eliminate it. But were all living the nightmare in North America. Why do you think half the world hates the USA?
    Because it’s the land of the Hebe and the home of the Slave!

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