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How to keep an idiot busy [animated gif version]


how to keep an idiot busy How to keep an idiot busy [animated gif version]


  1. She’s only there for like 6 seconds, so pay attention!

  2. I used chrome and she came out after about 30 seconds but she only was there for a few seconds then it recycled again.

  3. Save the image, open it in a media player?

    … also, is it just me or is that an animated jpg?

  4. That’s one dirty girl…

  5. a ‘NSFW’ in the title would have gone farther ;)

  6. syn-abounds says:

    When you see it, you’ll shit bricks.

  7. wait for it…….

  8. ZachSka87 says:

    OH YEAH! Dude, that was EPIC! TOTALLY worth the wait!! I want one!!

  9. hobbit125 says:

    Took forever, but the boobage was worth the wait.

  10. EthicalReasoning says:

    oh man the girl is so fucking hot, just keep watching til she comes and showers!

    her schedule is a bit unusual though, just keep watching

  11. Dude, there that was one of the hottest showers I think a woman has ever taken!

  12. Shis totaly NAKED !!!!! must watch must must must… :D

  13. wow nothing even happens….stupid

  14. wow nothing even happens…stupid

  15. fakeness

  16. Courtney says:

    i watched it for like 2 complete hours and like nothing happend… i think there is something wrong with it…

  17. shit mine’s broke


  19. I can’t belive some one left the lights on total waste. think green

  20. Holy shit says:

    I was had a watch of this earlier, it was pretty damn hot and then I came to take another look and god damn, something crazy looking just showed up in the mirror. Fucking terrifying. Did anyone else catch it?

  21. Did u guys see the midget getting in and out of the bathroom cupboard, totally unexpected

  22. The CandyMan says:

    Wow that was pretty cool. She isn’t all that hot though.

  23. Whoa, you see an Alien take a shit. Awesome. It shits through the hands.

  24. Jackdemon says:

    I swear you see nipple for a second

  25. stupid. nothing happened

  26. You’re all gay

  27. shit

  28. Lol, a 4 second animated gif!

  29. I bet she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose

  30. jason r duffel says:


  31. fake ahahahha you poted it all up yourself

  32. all the people on here that said they seen something are all from the same author that posted this stupid animated crap. THERE IS NOTHING PEOPLE

  33. OH MAN! I JUST CAME!!!

  34. Oh. Nice one. pretty girl huh

  35. el surpriso says:

    Aye carumba!!! I thought this was a joke at first, and almost closed the window before it came up. Totaly nutso!

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