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Similarities in different Disney cartoons

Well there might be a conspiracy hidden somewhere in here. I’ve seen the subliminal messages in Disney cartoons, and have heard that Disney movies were used for mind control in the MK-ULTRA project.

This video is identical scenes from couple different movies. Maybe it has something to do with repitition, secret codes hidden at the same places in different movies… maybe the filmmakers got lazy and copied the EXACT scene from another movie?!?

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  1. I do not see the connection.

  2. Ok, the first one is funny. But the second one is not anything to post. Of course Disney reuses actors for voices. These films were made during the time when actors were contracted to studios, Disney being one of them. When a studio hired you (for basically anything), you were signed to a contract that said you would work only for that studio. In fact, this is still done today. Just not as much now that everyone has an agent it seems.

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