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Mario Has A Change Of Heart

super mario change heart Mario Has A Change Of Heart

Just wait until he hears that the princess is in another castle…


  1. needs more a great start then it just cliff hangers… I give it a 5 out of 10 definetly has potential… great art great open for a comic strip type story but not long enough…. I hope you add to this and I would change to a “10”

  2. @redwire I completely disagree

    I think the comic is exactly as long as it needs to be the get the point across. Mario sees a difficult-to-jump section of floating blocks, then he contemplates while smoking a cig, he’s done contemplating so he flicks the cig into the magma, then he exclaims, “Fuckin’ bitch.” Risking his life isn’t worth saving the Princess.

  3. ^ Edit to that:

    He’s gonna risk his life anyway, he’s mario. I misinterpreted the last panel, but once I saw the caption I realized he’s just angry cause he’s gotta do it anyway.

  4. mike you douche

  5. I agree! Mike is a douche!

  6. mike we are not 2 we can understand this comic we dont need your help fucken douche

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