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4 Huge Explosions Nobody Could Explain

Tunguska – Thousands of square kilometres of trees were burned

In the early morning of 30 June, 1908, witnesses told of a gigantic explosion and blinding flash. Thousands of square kilometres of trees were burned and flattened.
Scientists have always suspected that an incoming comet or asteroid lay behind the event – but no impact crater was ever discovered and no expedition to the area has ever found any large fragments of an extraterrestrial object.

The explosion, equivalent to 10-15 million tonnes of TNT, occurred over the Siberian forest, near a place known as Tunguska.

A flash fire burned thousands of trees near the impact site. An atmospheric shock wave circled the Earth twice. And, for two days afterwards, there was so much fine dust in the atmosphere that newspapers could be read at night by scattered light in the streets of London, 10,000 km (6,213 miles) away.

Nearly a century later, scientists are still debating what happened at that remote spot. Was it a comet or an asteroid? Some have even speculated that it was a mini-black hole, though there is no evidence of it emerging from the other side of the Earth, as it would have done.

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  1. Harry Mulisch is een waardeloze prul

  2. Your unexplained events are in fact very well explained in the literature.


  3. I am a skeptic. and you know how much we skeptics like the weener.

  4. Vela incident might also have been a nuclear test – it most likely was actually, more likely than ‘reflections from meteorite debris’.

  5. Why do people have to be tools and use your name? Honestly, the internet sucks now.

  6. TheTrevor says:

    What a load of bollocks. For those who do not have (English) English as their native language, that means something like ‘what absolute nonsense’, but I prefer Bollocks. It’s more expressive.

  7. Donatello says:

    The title of the site clearly states “Huge Explosions Nobody ‘Could Explain” this means that at the time they were unexplained, not that they were not or never would be…

  8. Lee E Stevens says:

    I am wondering if you could not prove this in the lab by taking a snowball of rock iron and ice ,take it down in temperature to absolute zero or as close as you can get and then drop it in a cauldron of 6000 degrees F . The only difference would be the supersonic shock waves that the Asteroid or meteror would be generating. PErhaps the atomic bounds between the H and 2 O molecules are broken so quickly that in an instant it turns into an large explosion from the heat of entry into the atmosphere.The rock and iron would then be spread over a very large area and the impact crater would only be from the shock wave of the burst. In tunduska the trees may have been bent outward from the supersonic shock wave started to return to standing position and then hit with an even larger shock wave that snapped them off in a concentric circles for miles from the point of impact.IF thats true and if there any trees remaining they may only be burnt or singed on the half that was facing the blast.The blast being so hot and so quick the wood would not have time to kindle and burn as say the longer burn and blast of a nuclear chain reaction.

  9. two words: government experiments.

  10. zoran kralev says:

    halo halo halo halo halo halo…

  11. danielpauldavis says:

    The Vela incident was South Africa doing Israel’s nuke test for them. This is why both no one was told and the event is “still classified.” The Israeli government picked a country that could keep a secret that was also out of everyone’s way.

  12. chakra111 says:

    Personally I can’t even view it-

  13. tunguska was done bz Hitlers atom bomb, an atempt to trethen the british, all together he lounched 3 atomic boimbs, Rugen, Kursk *(the 17 rusian regiment disapeared)and tungunska. Zou can find a lot of information when searching hitlers bomb.

  14. Tunguska was equivalent to about 10 megatons of TNT.
    The Vela incident was most likely part of the South African nuke program.

  15. i guess some of them are well explained.
    i read it somewhere long time ago.
    nice story anyway.

  16. Greg Hawkins says:

    It was a Alien flying saucer that was having some kind of difficulties & rather than crash land, they self destructed. They changed course 3 times before they went BOOM.


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