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Home Made Stargate

There are many Stargate nerds outhere but this one has decided to build his own Stargate gateway. It was a tricky job, you need carpenter skills and autocad knowledge. Anyway, who knows why he started this project, maybe he wants to go at stargate conventions and be classy, to use his gate as a teleport. It’s not finished yet but still it could be useful with creative person, especially creative nerd.

home made stargate 1 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 2 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 3 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 4 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 5 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 6 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 7 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 8 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 9 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 10 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 11 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 12 Home Made Stargate

home made stargate 13 Home Made Stargate

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Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

With the arrival of video and video cassettes during 1980s In Ghana (West Africa) a small-scale film distribution / mobile Cinema was created.This small size mobile ” Cinema ” operators were equipped with a television a Video and some times with a small portable generator and were moving from town to town from village to village operating and showing their films! (During the day inside social clubs or houses and during the night in the open air).

Ghana Movie Poster 1 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

In order to attract more customers and in order to advertise their mission and business the need of huge posters was created and born!.Talented artists after viewing the film were creating large size posters using oil paint on canvas! The artist had the freedom to add or change scenes seen or not seen in the film in order to make the poster more attractive! (This is the reason that this hand painted posters are more interesting as ART than the normal posters since each of this hand painted poster is UNIQUE! and except the film content it also express the artist him self!)

Ghana Movie Poster 2 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

These posters were rolled or folded and easy to move around with the mobile Cinema.Because of the posters ” hard ” life (Folded or rolled, under the rain and sun and display for several months during their rounds all over Ghana) most of the surviving posters have damage at the end of the canvas, peelings, cracking and other damages.By the mid 1990s the mobile Cinema business declined and almost collapsed since television and video was more widely available in Ghana.

Ghana Movie Poster 3 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

The profits of the mobile Cinema operators were also reduced ! and they were not able to afford the ” expensive ” talented artist to paint their signboards any more !!!! And at the present days they have to rely with Photocopy paper posters in order to survive and reduce cost!

Ghana Movie Poster 4 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 5 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 6 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 7 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 8 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 9 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 10 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 11 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 12 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 13 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 14 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 15 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 16 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 17 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 18 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 19 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 20 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 21 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 22 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 23 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 24 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 25 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 26 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

Ghana Movie Poster 27 Hand painted movie posters from Ghana

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New Window Phone Concept

I don’t know about your city, but the weather bureau of my hometown is often sniggered at, for their in-accurate predictions. When they say it will rain (like they predicted a couple of days ago) you can be sure it will be bright and sunny. I would like to gift them this “Window Phone”, that makes accurate predictions and even changes its display to reflect the climatic conditions outdoors. Maybe I should keep the phone for myself and bug the bureau with my updates.

windows phone 1 New Window Phone Concept

windows phone 2 New Window Phone Concept

windows phone 3 New Window Phone Concept

windows phone 4 New Window Phone Concept

windows phone 5 New Window Phone Concept

windows phone 6 New Window Phone Concept

windows phone 7 New Window Phone Concept

Lego house in China

This house is actually like Lego.Slabs for construction rely on each other in a checkerboard pattern, and in the spaces that have been formed, the plan should be a small terrace.To be honest, quite a good idea to save space.

Lego house 1 Lego house in China

Lego house 2 Lego house in China

Lego house 3 Lego house in China

Lego house 4 Lego house in China

Lego house 5 Lego house in China

Lego house 6 Lego house in China

Lego house 7 Lego house in China

Lego house 8 Lego house in China

Lego house 9 Lego house in China

Lego house 10 Lego house in China

Lego house 11 Lego house in China

Lego house 12 Lego house in China

Lego house 13 Lego house in China

Lego house 14 Lego house in China

Lego house 15 Lego house in China

Lego house 16 Lego house in China

Lego house 17 Lego house in China

Lego house 18 Lego house in China

Lego house 19 Lego house in China

Lego house 20 Lego house in China

Lego house 21 Lego house in China

Lego house 22 Lego house in China

Lego house 23 Lego house in China

Lego house 24 Lego house in China

Lego house 25 Lego house in China

Lego house 26 Lego house in China

Lego house 27 Lego house in China

It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

What you see in the pictures is probably one of the best large scale camouflages ever attempted. In order to protect the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant from air attacks, there was a nee to hide it which is no easy job. So it was covered in netting which made it look like a rural setting when seen from air. Even though this was done a long time ago, the ingenuity and imagination required for the project is still talked about.

These pictures you see were taken in 1940s by the Army Corps of Engineers from US. The netting went over most buildings and had tree like structures on top too, under which there was normal activity all hidden from the outside eyes. As Lockheed was a large center of military aircraft manufacture. It was also an active base for P-38 fighters. They could not afford to lose it to an air attack for which Japan was feared for.


Aircraft factory camouflage 1 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

And After:

Aircraft factory camouflage 2 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Aircraft factory camouflage 3 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Aircraft factory camouflage 4 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Aircraft factory camouflage 5 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Aircraft factory camouflage 6 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Aircraft factory camouflage 7 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Aircraft factory camouflage 8 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Aircraft factory camouflage 9 It’s Nothing a Camouflage Can’t Hide

Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

At 50 feet, this is probably the largest Santa you have ever seen. It’s a pity it got burnt down at the end. A lot of people traveled far to get a picture with it but it went up in flames covering the surrounding area in thick black smoke. This happened in Brazil on December 2, 2009 and it is assumed to be because of some mechanical error although some people speculate foul play. The pictures do make you feel sad about all the efforts going up in flames.

The giant display caught fire during its unveiling. The Santa was well made and placed in an open area surrounded by buildings. Santa getting burned down is probably something you don’t want your children to witness. Once the entire Santa got burned down, all that remained was the metal skeleton. Guess we should just be glad that nobody was hurt during the incident.

santa flame 1 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 2 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 3 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 4 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 5 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 6 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 7 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 8 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 9 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time

In our modern, scientific world it is sometimes easy to forget that human progress often comes attached to some spectacular intellectual clashes between different ways of looking at things and differing interpretations of what is seen. There have been some notable intellectual mind-fights over the millennia, the following are ten such fights, the outcome of which changed the world into what we know of it today.

dna The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 10. Intellectual Property Rights vs. Nature: Can Anyone “Own” Life?

A controversy is ongoing today between biological researchers and broader society on the issue of patenting the genes and genomes of living organisms. In 1980 the first patent on a genetically engineered bacteria was granted by the U.S. Supreme Court and the rush was on to patent the “products of nature.” Soon patents were being issued on discovered ‘new’ species of plants and animals even when they weren’t genetically engineered. Isolated and cloned DNA sequences encoding useful proteins are also patentable at present, despite the fact that they are ubiquitous in nature.

This legal and commercial situation has led to giant pharmaceutical companies obtaining patents on genes, gene products and even things like vitamins. Some indigenous people have discovered that the stranger who took that blood test now owns their entire genome! The National Institutes of Health tried in the early 1990s to patent more than 2,000 gene segments sequenced by Craig Venter during the Human Genome Project, even though neither NIH nor Venter knew what their function was. This controversy will not be going away soon, and the biotech industry risks losing public support due to its dismissal of important ethical concerns.

bigbang The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 9. Steady State vs. Big Bang: Hoyle’s Derogatory Terms

In 1912, just three years before Albert Einstein published his theory of General Relativity [GR], Vesto Slipher measured the Doppler shift of a spiral galaxy and determined that almost all of these celestial ‘nebulae’ were receding from the earth at great speed. A decade later Alexander Friedmann derived equations from GR that showed the universe might be expanding. Two years after that Georges Lemaitre put these findings together and predicted that the recession of distant nebulae was due to the expansion of the universe.

It was Fred Hoyle who coined the term “Big Bang” in 1949 to describe the idea that the universe had a beginning, a derogatory term that stuck better than his own cosmological model, which he called “Steady State.” Hoyle postulated that new matter was being created as the universe expanded, so that it always remained roughly the same at any point in time. With confirmation of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation in 1964 the Big Bang became the ’standard cosmological model’ after half a century of scientific argumentation and theoretical turf-wars.

bohreinstein The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 8. Einstein vs. QT: The Gambling God

“God does not play dice with the universe,” said the man who became an icon of physics with his theories of special and general relativity, Albert Einstein. In 1927 Einstein began a series of debates with quantum explorer Niels Bohr about quantum indeterminism, its epistemological basis and interpretation.

The arguments revolved around what is known as the measurement problem and whether or not particles in the quantum state were really both wave and particle at the same time until measurements were made. Einstein wanted to insist that the apparent indeterminacy at the quantum level was just a (temporary) inability to measure certain properties, while Bohr maintained the impossibility of determining precise values of certain properties because at the quantum level the values were by nature uncertain. Bohr eventually won on the striking results of the Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen [EPR] experiment which arose from these debates and established the phenomenon of quantum non-locality.

teslaedison The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 7. Tesla vs. Edison: AC-DC’s Greatest Hits

In 1856 a boy was born in Croatia who became both a genius and an enigma during a time of great scientific, technological and social change. His name was Nikola Tesla and his passion was electricity and electromagnetism. The rivalry between Tesla and native born genius Thomas Edison at the turn of the 20th century became the stuff of scientific legend.

Tesla worked as an assistant to Edison when he first came to America. He designed a DC (direct current) system for Edison, who then refused to pay him the bonuses he’d promised. So Tesla struck out on his own to develop AC (alternating current) transmission. By 1915 the New York Times reported that the Nobel Prize in Physics was to be jointly shared by Tesla and Edison, though so strong was their personal animosity toward each other that both refused to accept it if the other was named. The prize went instead to two other researchers for work on X-ray crystallography. Six months after Tesla died penniless in 1943 the US Supreme Court invalidated 1909 Nobel winner Marconi’s most important patent for radio transmission and recognized Tesla as the inventor.

trilobite The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 6. The Great Devonian Controversy: Plowing Darwin’s Road

The nineteenth century heralded many important advancements in scientific theory, including the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species in 1859. The idea of evolution had been floating around in the scientific community for some time, with camps arguing for traditional creationism and the inheritance of acquired traits versus an ancient earth timeline and the transmutation of life forms over deep time. Darwin’s theory of natural selection enjoyed the increasing support of science as the debate over geological data developed during the 1830s to establish various ages of rock strata according to the type of fossils that could be found embedded in those layers.

Darwin had worked with geologist Adam Sedgwick before his journey to the Galapagos Islands, and found his theory dependent on stratigraphy as it steadily developed a scientific consensus in the intervening years. The controversy and Darwin’s theory initiated search for what became known as “transitional fossils,” a search that continues to this day.

newton The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 5. Newton vs. Leibniz: Fluxions and Fluents

Sir Isaac Newton was an intellectual scrapper of considerable repute who was never shy of throwing power around or taking ideas and data from others without attribution. The long fight between Newton and Gottfried Leibniz over who discovered calculus is the most famous. Leibniz was unarguably the first to publish on the subjects of differential and integral calculus, 20 years before Newton. Yet letters from Newton expounding his theories of “fluxional” calculus exactly coincide with Leibniz’s work.

A major scientific bruhaha ensued, with defenders in both camps. Leibniz appealed to the Royal Society, allowing Newton as its president to appoint the investigating committee from among his friends, and even to write the committee’s report accusing Leibniz of plagiarism. Historians of science now credit both Leibniz and Newton with the discovery of calculus, probably because neither Newton nor Leibniz are around to argue about it any more.

galileo The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 4. Galileo vs. The Church: Our Sunny Neighborhood

Galileo Galilei published in 1610 his observations through his telescope to argue in favor of the Copernican sun-centered cosmological model against the then-predominant Ptolemaic view. He demonstrated his telescope to the Jesuit College and encountered little resistance. Then, in 1632 he published Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems and quickly found himself summoned to appear before the Inquisition on charges of heresy.

Galileo was forced to recant his support for the Copernican model and spent the rest of his life under house arrest, though with rather lenient travel and visitation allowances. His works were finally dropped from the Index of prohibited books in 1835. In 1992 Pope John Paul II expressed regret for how the “Galileo Affair” was handled, officially conceding on the part of the church that the earth is not stationary and that the planets orbit the sun.

95theses The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 3. Martin Luther vs. The Church: Reformation

In the year 1517 the Catholic monk Martin Luther nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany to argue against the doctrine and practice of selling indulgences. These arguments were quickly translated from Latin into German and widely disseminated with the help of the newly-invented printing press, and led to Luther’s excommunication in 1520. The great Reformation quickly ensued.

Pope Leo X issued a lengthy rebuttal to Luther’s charges in an encyclical reiterating Church doctrine, which didn’t sway public sentiment in Germany and other parts of Northern Europe. Protestantism became firmly rooted as a sort of declaration of independence from the control of Rome. This in turn led to tremendous social changes along with the decline of feudalism and the rise of commercialism as well as conflicts between Catholic and Protestant claims to territories in the New World.

elgrecopaul The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 2. Paul vs. James: Universalizing The Faith

Surely the Council of Jerusalem [circa 50 c.e.] has to be counted among the most important of intellectual arguments, for the philosophical sub-discipline of theology. It was a clash between James the Just and the great evangelist Paul within two decades of the crucifixion of Jesus. It was about whether or not Christians would be held to the strictures of Judaic Law.

James was titular head of the Church in Jerusalem, while Paul was busy establishing congregations across the Mediterranean portion of the Roman empire among gentiles. The primary issue appears to have been a requirement for circumcision, but others related to dietary provisions, etc. were also present. While some of these issues are still debated today, the consensus is that Paul ‘won’ the debate so that Christians are not held to Judaic Law which was “fulfilled” by the figure of Christ. The rest, as they say, is history.

socrates The 10 Biggest Intellectual Fights Of All time 1. Socrates vs. The Gods: Triumph of Reason

Greek philosophy helped to shape the metaphysics of the civilized world in the last half of the first millennium b.c.e. There were many divergent schools of philosophy competing with one another by the time the Sophists came along maintaining that truth was entirely a matter of persuasion by argument rather than something absolute. Socrates rose from among Sophist ranks and became famous for walking the talk so well that he made some enemies in high places.

Socrates taught that ethics were not a matter of divine decree, but are best the result of human reason and individual conscience. Socrates was charged with impiety (disbelief in the state’s gods, corrupting the morals of the youth), convicted by a margin of 6 out of 50 votes, and committed suicide by drinking poison. Through his student Plato and Plato’s student Aristotle, the intellectual tools of reason and logic lived on to become part of the guiding philosophy of the Enlightenment and science.

7 Unusual Military Animals

cat bombs 7 Unusual Military Animals

Cat Bombs

The earliest examples of cats being used in warfare dates back to the Ancient Egypt during a war against Persia. The Persians, fully aware of the reverance that Egyptians paid to their felines, rounded up as many cats as they could find and set them loose on the battlefield. When the Egyptians were faced with either harming the cats or surrendering, they chose the latter.

During World War I, cats were used in the trenches as an attempt to keep the rat population down and some cats were used as poison gas “detectors”.

The most creative way to use a cat as a weapon happened in World War II. The United States’ OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the CIA) needed a way to guide bombs to sink German ships. Somebody hit upon the inspiration that since cats have such a strong disdain of getting wet and always land on their feet that if you attached a cat to a bomb and drop it in the vicinity of a ship, the cat’s instinct to avoid the water would force it to guide the bomb to the enemy’s deck. It is unclear how the cat was supposed to actually guide a bomb attached to it as it fell from the sky but the plan never got past the testing stages since the cats had a bad habit of becoming unconscious mid-drop.

Not to be outdone by its predecessor, the CIA also attempted to use cats but this time as a bugging device during the Cold War. Although a disaster as a guided bomb, the CIA thought that a cat would make the perfect covert listening device in a project known as Operation Acoustic Kitty. They attempted to surgically alter the cat by placing a bugging device inside him and running an antenna through its tail. The project took five years and $15 million dollars before the first field test hit a slight snag when the bugged kitty was released near a Russian compound in Washington and was immediately hit by a car while crossing the street. The project was ended soon after.

war pigs 300x287 7 Unusual Military Animals War Pigs

You are headed into battle against an army that is using war elephants, the tanks of ancient times. They weigh several tons, are heavily armored and extremely difficult to kill. How do you stop them?

If you’re the Roman Army you may have used Incendiary Pigs also known as War Pigs. Pliny the Elder wrote about a method of covering pigs in tar, pitch, or other flammable substances and then setting them ablaze while attempting to drive the conflagrant swine towards the enemy.

The squealing and movement of the burning hogs headed toward the enemy army would cause elephants and horses to flee in panic. Besides Pliny’s accounts, there are no official records of war pigs actually being used in actual battle.

land mine detecting rats1 7 Unusual Military Animals Land Mine Detecting Rats

The earliest examples of using animals as weapons usually involves setting them on fire and pointing them at your enemy’s villages or camps. The obvious flaw in this method is that there is just as much chance that the burning animal may turn around and cause destruction to your camp as it may your opponent’s. Rats were used mostly in this capacity as living ambient torches until they became used in one of the earliest examples of biological warfare. In 1346, during the seige of the Genoese city of Kaffa by Tartar forces under Janibeg, plague was spreading among the Tartars outside the city weakening their chance at keeping the seige going. In a last ditch attempt, the Mongol army started catapulting dead rats and corpses of plague victims into the city in hopes to spread the disease. A few Genoese ships tried to escape from the spreading plague and made their way back to Italy where the Black Death than spread throughout Europe.

The latest use of rats in the military are in detecting landmines.. A Belgian company has trained African pouch rats, also called Gambian Pouch Rats, to locate buried bombs and landmines. The rats are trained to smell explosive material by associating it with a food reward. They have several advantages over the use of using dogs in locating landmines since they are cheaper to train and their small size will rarely trigger a mine as they find them. They are currently being used in Mozambique to clear the landmines from its civil war.

killer dolphins 7 Unusual Military Animals Killer Dolphins

The use of dolphins for military operations didn’t start until the 1960s when the US Navy established the Marine Mammal Program which was originally used to design better torpedoes. Impressed with the dolphin’s intelligence, they started expanding the program and started training them in a variety of uses which ranged from helping them guide lost divers to killing enemy divers. Under a program called “Swimmer Nullification”, hypodermic needles containing compressed CO2 were attached to the snout of a dolphin which was trained to inject it into divers who were found in restricted areas.

Once injected, the compressed carbon dioxide would expand inside the diver which would kill him and allow his corpse to float to the surface. It’s claimed that 40 Viet Cong frogmen and two Americans were killed during the Vietnam War by dolphins in this manner

Currently, dolphins are being used in Iraq and in the Gulf region to search and find mines that can be marked so that ships can avoid them until a demolitions team can be dispatched.

pigeon guided missles 7 Unusual Military Animals Pigeon Guided Missles

Pigeons have been used as primitive form of airmail since the Middle Ages and during the seige of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War, they were one of the only lines of communications left open for Parisians trying to get messages out of the city.

Messenger pigeons were used extensively during World War One to carry orders from bases to the front lines where telephone lines had not yet been lain. One pigeon, Cher Ami, even received military honors by saving the lives of 194 American soldiers who were stuck behind enemy lines. Cher Ami was able to deliver messages from the stranded troops even after being shot in the chest.

During World War Two, American behaviorist B.F. Skinner attempted to use pigeons as the guidance system in missles. The program was called Project Pigeon and worked by placing three pigeons in the nose of a bomb with a special lens that displayed an image of the target on a screen. The pigeons were trained to recognize the target and peck at it if it moved off-center. The placement of the pigeons’ pecking would then move the bomb’s tail surfaces and direct the payload to the target. Skinner used three pigeons to control the bomb’s direction by majority rule which he felt would be more fail-proof than using only one bird. The military cancelled the project during testing because the idea was felt to be too radical.

military insects 7 Unusual Military Animals Military Insects

The Romans found bees to be an extremely useful military weapon. They would collect beehives and place them on catapults and fire them into beseiged cities or an attacking army. Castle defenders adopted this idea during the Middle Ages and would drop an occasional beehive onto the heads of an attacking army.

During World War One, the soft light emanating from glow worms were used by soldiers to read maps of the battlefield in the trenches at night.

Spiders were used by weapons manufacturers to spin silk that was used for the production of crosshairs in bomb sights.

The Germans used the Colorado potato bug to destroy potato crops in France during World War One and allegedly dropped boxes of potato bugs over Great Britain during World War Two to starve the English into submission.

In 1963, experiments were done to train “guard bugs”. The hope was that mosquitos, fleas, and other insects would act differently when they encountered humans and could be used as an insect tripwire to alert when an enemy was near.

Currently, honey bees are now being used to detect landmines. Researchers have had success by putting trace amounts of target chemicals used in explosives into the honey bees’ food supply. The bees are then released and will instinctively forage for food where landmines are buried since their senses can detect the same chemicals that they are conditioned to believe is where the food is located. By observing the locations where most of the bees hover looking for food, the researchers are able to detect the probability of where landmines located. The bees are about 97% accurate in finding landmines in controlled situations.

bat bombers 7 Unusual Military Animals Bat Bombers

After the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, Americans were looking for revenge against the Japanese. Lytle Adams, a dental surgeon from Pennsylvania, had been touring caves in New Mexico and had observed bats in flight when he hit upon an idea of outfitting the bats with incendiary bombs and dropping them from a plane to wreak havoc on a city below. He wrote up a proposal about his bat bombs and sent it to the Whitehouse which accepted it and assigned it to the Army Air Force for research and development.

After experimenting with a variety of bat species, the free-tailed bat was selected because there were plenty of them available and they could fly with a one ounce incendiary payload which was attached to its chest by a pin and string. The hope was that a bat would seek a barn or building to sleep in at which point the timed-fuse would set the incendiary off which could cause fires in the buildings. Testing did not go as well as planned when some of the bats escaped with live incendiary boms and set fire to a hangar and a general’s car. Several more years of testing were needed and the project was traded between military branches until the idea was finally shelved due to time constraints.

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ireel 7 Unusual Military Animals

World Dumbest Criminals part 2

Recently we write story about 21 Dumbest Criminals of the 21st Century and all visitors love it, because here is another new list whit more World Dumbest Criminals in part 2

Derrick Kosch

olice said a Kokomo man accidentally shot himself in the genitals as he robbed a convenience store early Tuesday.

Kokomo police said they were called to a Village Pantry store at 100 N. Ohio St. at about 4:20 a.m. after a clerk at the store called them.The female clerk told police that a man came into the store with a semiautomatic handgun, grabbed her hair and demanded cash and cigarettes before handing her a white cloth bag.  The clerk said that as she retrieved the cigarettes she heard a gunshot and turned to confront the man, who yelled that he had shot himself…Read more

thomas infante 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Thomas Infante

Thomas Infante, 40, was arrested after the Fifth Third Bank at 4017 West Lawrence was robbed on Friday.

Infante walked into the bank and handed a teller a threatening note demanding cash, according to an FBI news release. What the FBI said they noticed but Infante failed to consider was that the note was written on the back of his own pay stub.

When he fled the bank, Infante left the note behind, including a torn-off portion dropped outside the bank that included his name and address, the FBI said. Infante was arrested at his home in Cary, Ill., where he allegedly confessed to the robbery.

And the take wasn’t even that good — the teller only handed over $397, according to a criminal complaint. If convicted, he could spend up to 20 years behind bars.

sperm bank robbery 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Anil Mohite

Indian police have arrested two men over the theft of more than 100 sperm samples from India’s oldest sperm bank in Aurangabad, central India, national media said on Tuesday.

Anil Mohite tried to sell the stolen sperm to an infertility center in Mumbai last week for 25,000 rupees ($626) unaware of the real cost of his stolen plunder. In Europe three vials cost approximately $180 to $250.

Doctors became suspicious and contacted the police. During the investigation police discovered that Anil Mohite’s close relative worked at the Aurangabad sperm bank and both men were arrested on suspicion of theft. Read More

peter addison mark ridgeway 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Peter Addison and Mak Ridgeway

Bungling burglar Peter Addison was nabbed by police – because he scrawled “Peter Addison was here” at the scene of his crime.

The 18-year old wrote his name in black marker pen on a wall as he and pals raided a campsite and went on a boozy wrecking spree.

Police who arrived to investigate the incident were stunned to find Addison’s calling card plus other messages saying: “Thanks for the Stay” at the Toc H Campsite for under privileged children in Adlington, near Macclesfield, Cheshire.

They checked his details on a computer system and when they caught up with him, he was found to be wearing a T shirt stolen from campsite during the burglary… Read More

billy jordan 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Billy Jordan

Billy Jordan of Riverview says he feels stupid because he spent 10 hours stuck inside a commercial grill vent at the Lucky Buffet on U.S. 301 South in Hillsborough County.
Jordan, 45, says it was, “like a rat being in a tunnel,” and that he’ll never do such a thing again.
Manager Zhangjin Xu says an employee discovered Jordan’s legs dangling from the vent when she arrived for work Friday morning.

“She was surprised and a little scared,” said Xu. “She called out and asked for her son.” Read more

is job 150x133 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Marco Marabotto

Marco, would have never gotten caught if he hadn’t listed his name and address on the job application. Now Marabotto faces up to four years in the slammer after lifting Carly Miller’s wallet from her purse during an Aug. 15 job interview, sources said.
“This is one of the dumbest criminals alive,” said Bill Clinger, Miller’s boss at Revolution, a pedicab courier service on Ninth Avenue. Clinger advertised for a driver on Craigslist and Marabotto, who lives in Manhattan, made an appointment for an interview.

Miller, 22, did the interview from behind a desk as Marabotto sat across from her. Her purse was on a chair next to him. Miller got good vibes from Marabotto.
“I would have hired him, absolutely,” she said yesterday. “I had a good feeling about him. He was very friendly and warm.”

aaron evans tattoo 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Aarron Evans
A car thief who had his name and date of birth tattooed on his neck was caught after CCTV images of him were used to track him down. Aarron Evans, 21, pleaded guilty at Bristol Magistrates’ Court to breaking into a covert capture car in the city.
The car had been left by Avon and Somerset Police officers with a covert camera concealed inside, which took pictures of Evans. Evans, an illiterate man of no fixed address, was sentenced to seven months.

Supt Ian Wylie said: “Criminals won’t be tolerated in Bristol and we will keep catching them and bringing them before the courts. “We get such excellent images from these cameras that there is often, and never more so than in this case, no doubt who the criminal is.”

chriskron 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Christopher Kron

Surveillance video from the Junkanoo Restaurant catches the suspect breaking in and rummaging through the bar area.
You can’t hear it on the video, but restaurant employees tell WINK News the alarms were blaring.
It didn’t seem to bother the burglar and neither did a phone call from the alarm company.
Manager, George Tomasi still can’t believe the suspect’s next move, “He picked it up and the security company asked him who this was, and he gave him his name!”
That’s right, according to the alarm company ADT, the suspect identified himself as Christopher Kron, which deputies say was his real name.Read More

william anthony 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Anthony William

Raleigh police say the man caught on tape, stealing a car at a crime scene, was arrested with the car in Virginia.Eyewitness News crews were at the scene of a multiple stabbing on Millbrook Road in Raleigh Monday when a second crime happened in front of the police officers at the scene.A woman stepped out of her 2004 Honda Accord to talk to an officer about the crime. While her back is turned, a man in a black cap carrying a big stick walked past her and jumped into her car.

The officer banged on the hood – to try to get the man to stop, but he got away.

news003 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2David Daloia  and James O’Hare

On Tuesday, when a Pay-O-Matic Check Cashing store on Ninth Avenue declined to honor Cintron’s $355 welfare check unless he was present, Daloia and O’Hare hatched their “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style plot to roll their friend’s fresh corpse from his West 52nd Street home to the store in an office chair, said cops.

“We walked to the corner and saw two guys,” Daloia recounted. “They said, ‘He looks pale. Do you want us to call 911?’ And I said, ‘Please do.’ “

A police detective lunching at a nearby restaurant saw Cintron, decided right away he was dead, and questioned Daloia and O’Hare, who ended up spending the next three days under arrest.

Freed from Rikers Island on $1,000 bail Thursday, the duo spent yesterday stumbling through Manhattan in hope of recovering a couple-hundred in cash O’Hara had to hand over to cops before he was locked up….Read More

Top 3 World’s Most Expensive Beer

A satisfying drink enjoyed throughout the world with many variations.

Vielle Bon Secours:

This tops the list of the world’s most expensive beer, costing around £500 (equivalent to around $1,000) per bottle or about £39 (equivalent to around $78) per pint. It can only be found in a bar called the Bierdrome in London.

vielle bon secours Top 3 World’s Most Expensive Beer

Samuel Adams’ Utopias:

This beer is brewed by the Boston Beer Company, using the brand name of Samuel Adam’s Utopias, named after one of the founding fathers of the USA. This comes second in the list of the world’s most expensive beer which costs around $100 per bottle (24 oz) or about $67 per pint, sold in copper bottles resembling the copper brewing kettles which are used by brewers for hundreds of years.

samadams utopiasmm Top 3 World’s Most Expensive Beer

The alcohol content is 25%, making it the strongest beer in the world (listed in the Guinness Book of Records). The process of making this beverage can take up to 12 years, giving it the unique and rich flavors. It is said that the production was limited to 8,000 bottles per year.

Tutankhamen Brew:

The recipe of this brew is prepared according to the recipe and brewing method discovered by a team of University of Cambridge archaeologists/Egyptologists in the Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of the Sun in Egypt. The brewery found in the corner of the said temple is believed to have been built by King Akhenaton who is King Tutankhamen’s father. This is also the place where King Akhenaton queen, Nefertiti worshiped.

tutankhamen brew Top 3 World’s Most Expensive BeerThe archaeologists sought expert advice from Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Edinburgh and the beer is brewed in the Cambridge laboratory, costing around $52 per bottle. The production is also limited and the edition is also numbered.

Weird and Wacky Drinks

Some drinks just make sense. Take a Tom Collins: gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a drizzle of sugar syrup, and some carbonated water to taste. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for a balmy spring afternoon (or a summer or fall afternoon—winter would be okay too).

But other drinks defy logic and good sense. Here are some of the weirdest drinks, ranging from stupid (Diet Water) to scandalous (beer for kids) to reportedly sensational (Pizza Beer).

Pizza Beer

pizzabeerkc Weird and Wacky DrinksChef Tom & Mamma Mia (also known by their legal names, Tom and Athena Seefurth) chop and smash basil, oregano, tomato, and garlic, spending at least four hours on brew day making sure the bits and pieces are small enough so that they don’t get stuck in the equipment. Chef Tom told me they have produced 300 barrels of the beer, sell it in more than one hundred establishments, and currently ship to certain states. Their Web site claims pizza beer is the “World’s First Culinary Beer.”

Japanese Beer for Kids

Apparently Camel was really on to something when they marketed cigarettes to young kids. According to a Japanese blog, Kodomo no nomimono is a sensation in Japan—it is a nonalcoholic cola that is made to look like real beer, complete with brown dye and froth on top. It is manufactured by Sangaria and made popular by commercials featuring giddy kids with beer foam mustaches. The company now offers wine, champagne, and cocktails for kiddies.

Bacon Martini

baconmartinikc Weird and Wacky DrinksNext time you have the urge to order your martini shaken, not stirred, consider asking instead for it “porked, not poked.” At Double Down Saloon, an off-the-strip dive in Las Vegas, bartenders pour from bottles of vodka that have bacon drowning in the bottom. Your oily martini might have a slice of bacon floating on top—not the olives you’re used to seeing. Did anyone ever say meat and liquor don’t mix?

Diet Water

dietwaterkc Weird and Wacky Drinks

From Japanese manufacturer Sapporo comes … Diet Water! I can’t seem to find the ingredients—at least in English—of Diet Water, but the whole concept seems bunk. How could water possibly have fewer calories than zero, and fewer fat grams than zero? Maybe consumers really are willing to swallow anything.

Pocari Sweat

pocarisweatkc Weird and Wacky Drinks

Forget the euphemism of Gatorade or Powerade. When we sweat, we want to drink … sweat? Pocari Sweat is an energy drink appropriately named. According to the drink’s Web site, the health beverage, introduced in Japan in 1980, replaces lost fluids and minerals, and can be bought in fourteen countries—ranging from Malaysia to the United Arab Emirates—around the world.

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

pepsiicecucumberkc Weird and Wacky DrinksAccording to the Washington Post, Pepsi unveiled a—swallow, burp—cucumber soda in Japan last summer. According to the news account, while the special edition of Pepsi does not have an actual cucumber in it, artificial flavors deliver the “refreshing” taste of cucumber. And the masses were apparently enjoying it: Japan’s Pepsi distributor, Sunbury, Ltd., planned to sell 200,000 cases over three months.

pupupu pupupu