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Weirdest Pizza Flavours – Sweet and Bizarre

Well, my cousin is demonstrating how to make dessert pizza at her store this week, so I had to produce a leaflet detailing dessert pizza recipes. He had a dessert pizza somewhere, once, and wanted to replicate it. She described it to me and left me with the job of translating it into a recipe. This is basically what she told me she would make: a banana caramel pizza. And she wants to make it by using ready made mini-pizza bases. Spread caramel on the base, then top with banana slices and pieces of chocolate, and then bake until the chocolate melts. I have to admit, this sounds really quite heavenly. Is your mouth watering yet?

Now we represent you lots of more weird and delicious pizza flavours:

sweet pizza 1 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 2 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 3 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 4 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 5 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 6 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 7 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 8 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 9 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 10 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 11 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 12 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

sweet pizza 13 Weirdest Pizza Flavours   Sweet and Bizarre

Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

At 50 feet, this is probably the largest Santa you have ever seen. It’s a pity it got burnt down at the end. A lot of people traveled far to get a picture with it but it went up in flames covering the surrounding area in thick black smoke. This happened in Brazil on December 2, 2009 and it is assumed to be because of some mechanical error although some people speculate foul play. The pictures do make you feel sad about all the efforts going up in flames.

The giant display caught fire during its unveiling. The Santa was well made and placed in an open area surrounded by buildings. Santa getting burned down is probably something you don’t want your children to witness. Once the entire Santa got burned down, all that remained was the metal skeleton. Guess we should just be glad that nobody was hurt during the incident.

santa flame 1 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 2 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 3 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 4 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 5 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 6 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 7 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 8 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

santa flame 9 Biggest Santa Ever in Flames

The 10 Most Weirdest Laws From All Around The World

Law is a set of rules that are designed to maintain order and protect people from harm. But some laws do nothing other than fooling the people around. Below is a list of ten such ridiculous laws.

Law 1: It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament, London

Law 2: Flushing the toilet after 10 pm where the person lives in an apartment is illegal in Switzerland

Law 3: In United Kingdom, a pregnant woman can legally urinate anywhere she wants, including if she requests, in a policeman’s hat

Law 4: In Alabama, it is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle

Law 5: Women in Vermont, USA must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth

Law 6: A male doctor in Bahrain can only examine the genital of a woman in the reflection of a mirror

Law 7: It was illegal to get internet access in Burma

Law 8: Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore

Law 9: In Scotland, if someone knocks on your door and requires the use of your toilet, you must let them enter

Law 10: Single women can’t parachute on Sundays in Florida

bizarre law The 10 Most Weirdest Laws From All Around The World

Polar Bears Predators

A male polar bear carries the head of a polar bear cub it killed and cannibalized in an area about 300 km (186 miles) north of the Canadian town of Churchill in this picture taken November 20, 2009. Climate change has turned some polar bears into cannibals as global warming melts their Arctic ice hunting grounds, reducing the polar bear population, according to a U.S.-led global scientific study on the impacts of climate change

male polar bear cats bab cub 01 Polar Bears Predators

male polar bear cats bab cub 02 Polar Bears Predators

male polar bear cats bab cub 03 Polar Bears Predators

male polar bear cats bab cub 04 Polar Bears Predators

Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Whether you prefer Coke or Pepsi really doesn’t matter in this day and age. The soda market is flooded with variants by the two giants and lesser known companies that are trying to penetrate consumers’ refrigerators. But no matter you preference, any soda drinker can agree that these flavors that Pepsi put out are downright awful. From the classic Crystal Pepsi fiasco to the more recent Pepsi Jazz, prepare to be amazed and surprised at products marketing executives actually thought would work out.

Pepsi White

pepsi white Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

The drink was distributed by Suntory. The label design, which adorns a transparent bottle, is predominantly white and looks fit for the festive market.

The Japan Marketing News article suggests that “a deeper, more memorable flavour” would have been more appropriate taking into consideration the time of year and the traditional spike in the consumption of sweet products.

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Pepsi Ice Cucumber Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

While the bottle clearly describes it as “combination” of cucumber and cola, there just isn’t much cola flavor to it. The drink takes on a somewhat sweet and fruity flavor, but the artificial cucumber flavor is noticeable, in my opinion. It’s interesting for a few sips, but then the artificial cucumber aftertaste kicks in, making it pretty nasty. At the supermarket I went to, there was a huge dent in the Ice Cucumber display, which probably meant a lot of people bought a few bottles because of the novelty/hype. It will be interesting to see if its popularity lasts…

Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Pepsi Blue Hawaii Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Pepsi is up to it’s old tricks again. It seems like the world’s second most popular softdrink wants to make a tradition of releasing a limited edition ‘weird’ flavour every summer. Perhaps they felt following with another vegetable flavour was too predictable, so they went back to those slightly boring fruity flavours.
My first though upon picking up a bottle at my supermarket was that there really aren’t enough deep blue, tongue-staining softdrinks in the world. Unfortunately that was the last semi-positive thought I was to have about it.

Pepsi BOOM

Pepsi boom Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

A caffeine, sugar and artificial sweetener-free Pepsi only sold in Germany, Italy and Spain.

Pepsi Summer Mix

Pepsi Summer Mix Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Pepsi with tropical fruit flavors. Released in early Spring of 2007, and was discontinued Fall to Winter of 2007. Was available in limited areas only; was a big hit for the northeastern United States.

Pepsi Samba

Pepsi samba Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

A “Tropical Flavoured Cola” containing the flavors Mango & Tamarind, distributed in Australia. It was released in Australia in the 3rd Quarter of 2005 and was expected to be in production for a limited time only. Many people did not like the taste.

Pepsi Fire and Ice

pepsi fire and ice Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Ice were introduced recently in Asian countries such as Singapore (see photo), and Mexico. Fans have reported being barred from bringing the products in to the United States, but some die-hards sneak the new hot fire and cold ice drinks across the border.

Pepsi Holiday Spice

Pepsi Holiday Spice Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Pepsi Holiday Spice, a limited-edition soda that will only be available during the holiday season. It is regular Pepsi infused with cinnamon and ginger flavors. It tastes more like nutmeg and cloves to me, but what do I know? The soda definitely has a different and unique flavor, and kind of conveys that “holiday” feeling. It is quite drinkable, but the novelty doesn’t go very far. The spices are pretty mild, and after drinking most of the 20-ounce bottle, the spice flavor was much less noticeable. A stronger spice flavor would really get people’s attention and make the soda something to talk about. Instead, it will probably be quickly forgotten.

Crystal Pepsi

crystal pepsi Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Crystal Pepsi was a caffeine-free soft drink made by PepsiCo from 1992 to 1993 in the United States, Canada, and for a short time in Australia. Crystal Pepsi was sold for a longer time in Europe.

Diet Pepsi Jazz

Diet Pepsi Jazz Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

It’s a brand of soda made by the Pepsi company in 2006. The name was first recommended to Pepsi Co. by a student, Chip Boyle, who called the company and left a suggestion for the company’s marketing campaign to “have more jazz, something like ‘Pepsi Jazz'”. It is a specifically named variant of Pepsi’s popular Diet Pepsi product, combining several different flavors.There are currently three different kinds available: Jazz with Black Cherry and French Vanilla, Jazz with Strawberries and Cream, and Caramel Cream.

Pepsi Twist

PepsiTwist12Pack Most Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Pepsi Twist is a lemon flavored cola, marketed by PepsiCo as an alternative to regular Pepsi.

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

Pet Food Taster:

1 Pet Food Taster Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

Not only do these people eat dog food, some actually enjoy it! Since animals obviously can’t tell us what they think of their food, the testers eat the food to determine whether it tastes good – and they have to compare it with their competitions dog food. Now we know where those descriptions from commercials, and on the outside of the bags, come from!

Gross Stunt Producer:

If you’ve ever seen a show like Fear Factor, where people have to do disgusting things for money (like wade through rat-infested sewers or eat living bugs), and wondered who comes up with that crazy stuff, that’s where the gross stunt producer comes in. It actually takes a lot of research to make sure that the twisted entertainment is safe while still being gross.

Bad Breath Smeller:

Bad Breath Smeller Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

How else would you figure out if your company’s chewing gum is getting the job done? It’s these people’s job to make sure that the gum helps eliminate funky breath.

Whiskey Ambassador:

whiskey drinker Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

Getting paid to drink whiskey-sounds like a great job huh? It’s probably every college kid’s dream. These lucky whiskey connoisseurs select the best whiskeys and teach clients how to fully appreciate each whiskey’s nuances.


These are the people you see on television explaining, so convincingly, why Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster are real. Talk about using science skills in less conventional ways.


You’d be surprised how much you can learn from…poop. Pathoecologists study feces from thousands of years ago, learning much about the lifestyles and diets of our ancestors. Hey, at least it’s fossilized!

Chicken Sexer:

Chicken Sexer Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

Even the job title is strange! But the actual job responsibilities for this job is pretty boring – they just have to figure out whether baby chicks are male or female, and then sort them accordingly.

Foley Artist:

Since cameras can’t pick up basic sounds very well, like a door slamming, it’s a foley artist’s job to emphasize it. You’ve heard their work all the time and probably didn’t even realize it-foley artists are responsible for making those everyday environmental sounds in movies and shows on television. They often utilize whatever objects they please to get the sound right.

Queen Bee Producer

1443 Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

These people raise not just any bee, but the most impressive of them all: the queens. But if a stinging bees buzzing around your head makes you squirm, this probably isn’t the job for you.


Say it u-f-o-ologist. As the name implies, ufologists study UFO’s. They research the history, recent sightings, and government conspiracies about the alien aircraft.

 Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

1   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

ChemtrailsChemtrail conspiracy theorists believe that some contrails, which consist of ice crystals or water vapor condensed behind aircraft, actually result from chemicals or biological agents being deliberately sprayed at high altitude for some undisclosed purpose. The staple of right-wing radio shows in the US, there is fevered speculation that the chemicals being sprayed are part of a wider plot that involves the so-called New World Order and is being directed by shadowy forces within the government. The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by federal agencies and scientists.

2   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Global warming is a hoaxSome climate change doubters believe that man-made global warming is a conspiracy designed to soften up the world’s population to higher taxation, controls on lifestyle and more authoritarian government. These sceptics cite a fall in global temperatures since last year and a levelling off in the rise in temperature since 1998 as evidence.

3   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

28. The Aids virus was created in a laboratoryBased on the theories of Dr William Campbell Douglass, many believe that that HIV was genetically engineered in 1974 by the World Health Organisation. Dr Douglass believed that it was a cold-blooded attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. Others have claimed that it was created by the CIA or the KGB as a means to reduce world population.

4   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

HAARPMore than 200 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, is the Pentagon’s High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, officially an enormous experiment to heat the ionosphere with radio waves. But conspiracy theorists believe the project is a weapon to bring down aircraft and missiles by lifting sections of the atmosphere, cause earthquakes or even a huge weather modification machine.

5   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Plastic coffins and concentration campsJust outside Atlanta, Georgia, beside a major road are approximately 500,000 plastic coffins. Stacked neatly and in full view, the coffins are allegedly owned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema). Conspiracy theorists believe that Fema has also set up several concentration camps in the US in preparation for the imposition of a state of martial law and the killing of millions of Americans. They suggest that the financial crisis will be used to justify the imposition of a police state.

6   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamiA popular theory in the Muslim world is that the tsunami could have been caused by an Indian nuclear experiment in which Israeli and American nuclear experts participated. Several newspapers in Egypt and the Middle East alleged that India, in its heated nuclear race with Pakistan, has acquired sophisticated nuclear technology from the US and Israel, both of which “showed readiness to co-operate with India in experiments to exterminate humankind,” beginning with the heavily populated Muslim regions of southeast Asia, where the bulk of casualties took place.

7   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

FluoridationFluoride is commonly added to drinking water as a way to reduce tooth decay. However, there has been some evidence that there could be some harmful side effects from fluoride and conspiracy theorists believe that this information is known and recognised by those responsible for adding the fluoride, but that they continue the practice regardless. Drug companies have been targeted as possible beneficiaries, as they will profit from a population with ill-health. Another motive is that fluoride lowers mental abilities thereby “dumbing down” the entire population.

8   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Pan Am Flight 103Pan Am Flight 103 was Pan American’s third daily scheduled transatlantic flight from Heathrow to New York John F. Kennedy International Airport. On December 21, 1988, the aircraft flying this route – a Boeing 747 – was destroyed by a bomb, killing all 259 people on board and 11 people on the ground. The remains landed around Lockerbie in southern Scotland. A popular theory for which no evidence has been produced suggests that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had set up a protected drug route from Europe to the United States – allegedly called Operation Corea – which allowed Syrian drug dealers to ship heroin to the US using Pan Am flights. The CIA allegedly protected the suitcases containing the drugs and made sure they were not searched. On the day of the bombing, terrorists exchanged suitcases: one with drugs for one with a bomb. Another version of this theory is that the CIA knew in advance this exchange would take place, but let it happen anyway, because the protected drugs route was a rogue operation, and the American intelligence officers on the flight had found out about it, and were on their way to Washington to tell their superiors

9   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The Philadelphia ExperimentPopularised by the Charles Berlitz novel of the same name, conspiracy theorists believe that during an experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in October 1943, the US Navy destroyer Eldridge was rendered invisible. According to some accounts, the scientists on the experiment found a way to bend light around an object but that the experiment went wrong and Eldridge was transported through space and time, reappearing at sea. Several sailors, it is said, were badly hurt when the experiment went wrong and some were melded into the ship’s superstructure. The US Navy has denied that the experiment ever took place.

10   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Pearl Harbor was allowed to happenTheorists believe that President Franklin Roosevelt provoked the Japanese attack on the US naval base in Hawaii in December 1942, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn his fleet commanders. He apparently needed the attack to provoke Hitler into declaring war on the US because the American public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe. Theorists believe that the US was warned by the governments of Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Peru, Korea and the Soviet Union that a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was coming and that, furthermore, the Americans had intercepted and broken all the important Japanese codes in the run up to the attack.

11   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The peak oil conspiracyPeak oil (a theory in itself) is the supposed peak of oil production during and after which demand for oil outstrips supply sending prices through the roof. The peak oil conspiracy theorists believe that peak oil is a fraud concocted by the oil industries to increase prices amid concerns about future supplies. The oil industry is aware of vast reserves of untapped oil, but does not utilise them in order to maintain the illusion of scarcity, they claim.

12   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The Protocols of the Elders of ZionDespite being utterly discredited for at least 100 years, belief in this document has proved remarkably resilient on the internet. The text takes the form of an instruction manual to a new member of the “elders,” describing how they will run the world through control of the media and finance, and replace the traditional social order with one based on mass manipulation. Scholars generally agree that the Okhrana, the secret police of the Russian Empire, fabricated the text in the late 1890s or early 1900s but belief in it still persists – particularly in the Middle East.

13   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Harold Wilson was a Soviet agentSoviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn is thought to have claimed that Wilson was a KGB spy. He further claimed that Hugh Gaitskell was assassinated by the KGB so that he could be replaced as Labour leader by Harold Wilson. Furthermore, former MI5 officer Peter Wright claimed in his memoirs – Spycatcher – that he had been told that Wilson was a Soviet agent. MI5 repeatedly investigated Wilson over the course of several years before conclusively deciding that he had no relationship with the KGB. On the BBC TV programme, The Plot Against Harold Wilson, broadcast in 2006, it was claimed that the military was on the point of launching a coup d’état against Wilson in 1974. Wilson himself told the BBC that he feared he was being undermined by MI5 in the late 1960s after devaluation of sterling and again in 1974 after he narrowly won an election against Edward Heath.

14   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Black or unmarked helicoptersThe concept became popular in the American militia movement, and in associated political circles, in the 1990s as an alleged symbol and warning sign of a military takeover of part or all of the United States. Rumours would circulate that, for instance, the United Nations patrolled the US with black helicopters, or that federal agents used black helicopters to enforce wildlife laws. In Britain, a similar conspiracy theory known as “phantom helicopters” has been reported since the mid 1970s. This concept relates phantom helicopters to UFOs and alien invasion rather than to martial law.

15   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The Moscow apartment bombingsFormer GRU officer Aleksey Galkin and former FSB officer the late Alexander Litvinenko (who was killed with Polonium-210 in London in November 2006) and other whistle-blowers from the Russian government and security services have asserted that the 1999 Russian apartment bombings were operations perpetrated by the FSB, the successor to the KGB, to justify the second Russian war against Chechnya.

16   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The July 7, 2005 Tube bombingsOne of the supposed mysteries surrounding the 7/7 attacks is this image, used by several news outlets, of the bombers entering Luton station on their way to London at around 7.20am on July 7. Theorists claim this image is fake because the man in the white hat – believed to be Mohammed Sidique Khan – has been electronically placed on the picture after it was taken. They claim that it shows his arm behind a railing while the rest of his body is in front and that the bar behind his head goes across and in front of his face. Theorists postulate, among other things, that the bombs which went off on the Tube trains were actually under the floors of the vehicles and not in the alleged plotters’ back packs

17   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Paul is dead“Paul is dead” is an urban legend alleging that Paul McCartney died in a car crash 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike and sound-alike. “Evidence” for McCartney’s death consists of “clues” found among the Beatles’ many recordings. Hundreds have been cited at various times by various people. They include statements allegedly heard when a song is played backwards, symbolism found in obscure lyrics, and ambiguous imagery on album covers. A few of them are well known, such as the fact that McCartney is the only barefooted Beatle and is out of step with the others on the cover of Abbey Road, pictured.

18   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The disappearance of ShergarOn February 8, 1983, a group of men wearing balaclavas and armed with guns turned up at the Ballymany Stud Farm in Co Kildare, Ireland and took a hostage – Jim Fitzgerald, the stud’s head groom. “We’ve come for Shergar,” they said. “We want £2m for him.” Shergar was arguably the greatest racehorse to have ever lived. But 25 years after he was kidnapped from Ballymany the mystery of exactly what happened to him after he was snatched that night still lingers. The theories are numerous with the IRA, Colonel Gadaffi and the Mafia featuring among the most lurid. One story suggests that the IRA kidnapped the horse for Gadaffi in return for weapons. Another suggests that the New Orleans mafia took him.

19   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Shakespeare was somebody elseWho really was the English language’s greatest writer? Among the numerous alternative candidates that have been proposed Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, William Stanley (6th Earl of Derby) and Edward de Vere (17th Earl of Oxford), are the most popular. Theorists believe there is a lack of evidence proving that the actor and businessman sometimes known as Shaksper of Stratford was responsible for the body of works that bear his name. Very little biographical information exists about Shakespeare.

20   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

North American Union 

The North American Union (NAU) is a theoretical regional union of Canada, Mexico and the United States similar in structure to the European Union, sometimes including a common currency called the amero. Theorists who believe that the three countries are planning for this believe that it is part of a global conspiracy to set up something called the New World Order (NWO). Officials from all three nations have repeatedly denied that there are plans to create a NAU although the idea has been proposed in academic circles, either as a union or as a North American community as proposed by the Independent Task Force on North America. The amero received support in 1999 from Canadian economist Herbert Grubel, a senior fellow of the Fraser Institute think-tank, in a book entitled The Case for the Amero. Robert Pastor, vice-chairman of the Independent Task Force on North America, supported Grubel’s conclusions in his 2001 book Toward a North American Community, stating that: “In the long term, the amero is in the best interests of all three countries”.

21   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

MK-ULTRAThe code name for a covert mind-control and chemical interrogation research programme, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. The programme began in the early 1950s, continuing at least through the late 1960s, using US citizens as test subjects. Project MK-ULTRA was brought first to wide public attention in 1975 by Congress and by the Rockefeller Commission. Investigative efforts were hampered by the fact that CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MK-ULTRA files destroyed in 1973. Although the CIA insisted that MK-ULTRA-type experiments were abandoned, CIA veteran Victor Marchetti has stated in various interviews that the agency routinely conducts disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MK-ULTRA was abandoned a “cover story”. Conspiracy theorists believe that MK-ULTRA was behind many so-called black-ops: Lawrence Teeter, the attorney for Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted of the assassination of Robert Kennedy, pictured, believed Sirhan was operating under MK-ULTRA mind control techniques. Furthermore, Jonestown, the location in Guyana where members of the Jim Jones cult and Peoples Temple committed mass suicide, was thought to be a test site for MK-ULTRA medical experiments.

22   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Operation NorthwoodsA genuine conspiracy involving a plan by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to launch a fake Cuban terror campaign on American soil to persuade the US public to support an invasion against Castro. The plan involved bombings and the simultaneous hijacking and blowing up of American airliners. The operation was quashed by President Kennedy leading many to speculate that it was linked to his assassination a year later. The plan has also been linked by theorists who believe that the September 11, 2001 attacks were a so-called “inside job” because of the use of airliners

23   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Elvis Presley faked his own deathA persistent belief is that “the King” did not die in 1977. Many fans persist in claiming he is still alive, that he went into hiding for various reasons. This claim is allegedly backed up by thousands of so-called sightings. The main reason given in support of the belief that Presley faked his death is that, on his grave, his middle name Aron is spelt as Aaron. But “Aaron” is actually the genuine middle name for Presley. Apparently, either Presley or his parents tried to change the name to “Aron” to make it more similar to Presley’s stillborn twin, Jesse Garon Presley. Two tabloid newspapers ran articles covering the continuing “life” of Presley after his death, in great detail, including a broken leg from a motorcycle accident, all the way up to his purported “real death” in the mid 1990s.

24   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Diana, Princess of Wales, was murderedDespite an official inquiry that found no evidence of a plot by MI6 or any other entity to murder the princess and Dodi Fayed in 1997, fevered speculation continues. The theory is that rogue elements in the British secret service decided that Diana’s relationship with Fayed was a threat to the monarchy and, therefore, to the British state. A plot was hatched in which a white Fiat Uno carrying agents was sent to blind and disorientate driver Henri Paul as he sped through the Paris underpass pursued by photographers. Later, Paul’s blood was switched with a sample of somebody who had drunk a lot of alcohol. The trouble with the theory? Not a shred of evidence exists to support it.

25   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The Jesus conspiracyThe theory that launched a blockbusting novel (The Da Vinci Code), a film of the same name and a plagiarism battle in the courts Those who believe in this – and they seem to number in their millions – think that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, had one or more children, and that those children or their descendants emigrated to southern France. Once there, they intermarried with the noble families that would eventually become the Merovingian dynasty, whose special claim to the throne of France is championed today by a secret society called the Priory of Sion.

26   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The Illuminati and the New World OrderA conspiracy in which powerful and secretive groups (the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group and other shadowy cabals) are plotting to rule mankind with a single world government. Many historical events are said to have been engineered by these groups with one goal – the New World Order (NWO). The groups use political finance, social engineering, mind control, and fear-based propaganda to achieve their aims. Signs of the NWO are said to be the pyramid on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, inset, strange and disturbing murals at Denver International Airport, pictured, and pentagrams in city plans. International organisations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the European Union, the United Nations, and Nato are listed as founding organisations of the New World Order.

27   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

Nasa faked the moon landingsPeople who think that the Apollo moon landings were not all that they seemed at the time believe that Nasa faked some or all of the landings. Some of the theories surrounding this subject are that the Apollo astronauts did not land on the Moon; Nasa and possibly others intentionally deceived the public into believing the landings did occur by manufacturing, destroying, or tampering with evidence, including photos, telemetry tapes, transmissions, and rock samples; and that Nasa and possibly others continue to actively participate in the conspiracy to this day. Those who think that Nasa faked some or all of the landings base their theories on photographs from the lunar surface which they claim show camera crosshairs partially behind rocks, a flag planted by Buzz Aldrin moving in a strange way, the lack of stars over the lunar landscape and shadows falling in different direction. These theories have been generally discounted but belief in them – particularly on the web – persists.

28   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

A flying saucer crashed at Roswell in 1947The event that kick-started more than a half century of conspiracy theories surrounding unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Something did crash at Roswell, New Mexico, sometime before July 7, 1947 and – at first – the US authorities stated explicitly that this was a flying saucer or disk – as shown by the splash story on that day’s Roswell Daily Record, pictured. Numerous witnesses reported seeing metallic debris scattered over a wide area and at least one reported seeing a blazing craft crossing the sky shortly before it crashed. In recent years, witnesses have added significant new details, including claims of a large military operation dedicated to recovering alien craft and aliens themselves, at as many as 11 crash sites, and alleged witness intimidation. In 1989, former mortician Glenn Dennis claimed that he was involved in alien autopsies which were carried out at the Roswell air force base.

The conspiracy theory has been fanned by the US military repeatedly changing its story. Within hours of the army telling reporters that it had recovered a crashed saucer, senior officers insisted that the only thing that had fallen from the sky had been a weather balloon. A report by the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force released in 1995, concluded that the reported recovered material in 1947 was likely debris from a secret government program called Project Mogul, which involved high altitude balloons meant to detect sound waves generated by Soviet atom bomb tests and ballistic missiles. A second report, released in 1997, concluded that reports of alien bodies were likely a combination of innocently transformed memories of military accidents involving injured or killed personnel, and the recovery of anthropomorphic dummies in military programs like Project High Dive conducted in the 1950s.

Since the late 1990s the debate about Roswell has polarised with several former pro-UFO researchers concluding that the craft was, indeed, part of a US military project and that it was, most likely, some sort of weather balloon. But further evidence has emerged – notably a signed affidavit by Walter Haut, the Roswell Army Air Field public affairs officer who had drafted the initial press release on July 8, 1947. Haut says in the affidavit -signed in 2002 – that he saw alien corpses and a craft and that he had been involved in a military cover up. Haut died in 2005.

29   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

The assassination of John F KennedyThe 35th President of the United States was shot on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas at 12.30pm . He was fatally wounded by gunshots while riding with his wife – Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy – in a motorcade. The ten-month investigation of the Warren Commission of 1963 to 1964, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) of 1976 to 1979, and other government investigations concluded that the President had been assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald – who was himself shot dead by Jack Ruby while in police custody.

But doubts about the official explanation and the conclusion that Oswald was the lone gunman firing from the Texas Book Depository overlooking Dealey Plaza where Kennedy was hit surfaced soon after the commission report. Footage of the motorcade taken by Abraham Zapruder on 8mm film supported the growing belief that at least four shots were fired – not the three that the Warren Commission claimed. The moments of impact recorded on the film also suggested that at least one of the shots came from a completely different direction to those supposedly fired by Oswald – evidence backed up by testimony of several eye witnesses. Many believed that several shots were fired by gunmen hiding behind a picket fence on a grassy knoll overlooking the plaza.

The assassination is still the subject of widespread speculation and has spawned numerous conspiracy theories, though none of these has been proven. In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) found both the original FBI investigation and the Warren Commission Report to be seriously flawed. The HSCA also concluded that there were at least four shots fired and that it was probable that a conspiracy existed. However, later studies, including one by the National Academy of Sciences, have called into question the accuracy of the evidence used by the HSCA to support its finding of four shots.

30   Greatest Conspiracy Theories In History

September 11, 2001Thanks to the power of the web and live broadcasts on television, the conspiracy theories surrounding the events of 9/11 – when terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington – have surpassed those of Roswell and JFK in traction. Despite repeated claims by al-Qaeda that it planned, organised and orchestrated the attacks, several official and unofficial investigations into the collapse of the Twin Towers which concluded that structural failure was responsible and footage of the events themselves, the conspiracy theories continue to grow in strength.

At the milder end of the spectrum are the theorists who believe that the US government had prior warning of the attacks but did not do enough to stop them. Others believe that the Bush administration deliberately turned a blind eye to those warnings because it wanted a pretext to launch wars in the Middle East to usher in another century of American hegemony. A large group of people – collectively called the 9/11 Truth Movement – cite evidence that an airliner did not hit the Pentagon and that the World Trade Centre could not have been brought down by airliner impacts and burning aviation fuel alone. This final group points to video evidence which they claim shows puffs of smoke – so-called demoliton squibs – emerging from the Twin Towers at levels far below the aircraft impact zones and prior to the collapses. They also believe that, on the day itself, the US air force was deliberately stood down or sent on exercises to prevent intervention that could have saved the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

Many witnesses – including firemen, policemen and people who were inside the towers at the time – claim to have heard explosions below the aircraft impacts (including in basement levels) and before both the collapses and the attacks themselves. As with the assassination of JFK, the official inquiry into the events – the 9/11 Commission Report – is widely derided by the conspiracy community and held up as further evidence that 9/11 was an “inside job”. Scientific journals have consistently rejected these hypotheses.

Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents

Technology has always played a big role in fighting terrorism. Some inventions are truly useful and will undoubtedly save lives, whereas others are so bizarre that one wonders how in the world they got patented. This list is about the latter: Behold the Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents!

(Note: yes, most of these patents cite fighting terrorism as raison d’être)

Anti-Terrorist Truck

anti terrorist truck Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 4667565, Rapid response patrol and antiterrorist vehicle by Reg. A. Anderson. Issued May 26, 1987.

Problem: Terrorists can pop up at any time, leaving local authorities totally defenseless against their raging attacks.

Solution: When terrorists walk past this non-descript truck parked quietly on the street, its roof pops out to reveal a machine gun turret! If that doesn’t strike fear into the heart of Jihadis, well … then we can still mow ‘em down!

Bonus: Also great for battling zombies.

Face Protector Against Poisonous Gas

face protector against poison Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism PatentsU.S. Patent 7107990, Portable face protector for protecting human being from poisonous gas and securing visibility by Kuk-Bin Lee. Issued Aug 30, 2004.

Problem: Terrorists may use poisonous gas to terrorize civilians, and gas masks are not very attractive looking.

Solution: A portable face protector (10), probably inspired by Robin’s mask, and a piece of cloth (22) to cover the mouth and nose.

Bonus: Also protects against flatulence.

Biohazard Suit with Built-In Toilet

biohazard suit toilet Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 6920646, Human waste management suit, by Caleb Clark Crye, Gregg M. Thompson, and Eric Owen Fehlberg. Issued Jul 26, 2005.

Problem: You got to wear a biohazard suit to protect against biological or chemical weapons … but as soon as you put it on, you really gotta go!

Solution: A biohazard suit with a built-in toilet! Just squat a little bit and go.

Bonus: Hazardous fumes are sealed inside the suit, thus preventing embarrassing smell from adding extra stress to an already strenuous situation.

Potential Complications: How do you wipe?

Railroad Missile System

missile train system Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 4896580, Railroad missile garrison system, by Ron Rudnicki. Issued Jan 30, 1990.

Problem: Terrorists may attack a missile silo, a stationary target if there ever is one.

Solution: Make it mobile. Here’s a patent for a railroad missile garrison system that launches ICBMs from rail cars of a train.

Bonus: Makes a great movie plot!

Doggie Earphone

dog earphone Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 6591786, Device and method for safetly inserting an electronic device in an ear of a four-legged non-human trained animal, by Eric R. Davis. Issued Jul 15, 2003.

Problem: It’s well known that Al Qaeda terrorists hate dogs, but how do you tell the animals to get to these dirty SOBs if they can’t hear you? (You being a far away, of course, preferably in the safety and comfort of a bunker.)

Solution: a custom-fitting earpiece for dogs so they can receive verbal instructions remotely.

Bonus: The method specifically said four-legged non-human animal, so I’m thinking this will work with goats. Attack goats.

Airplane Trap Door

airplane trap door Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 6844817, Aircraft anti-terrorism security system, by Wolfgang Gleine. Issued Jan 18, 2005.

Problem: Terrorists want to hijack a plane by trying to break down the cockpit door.

Solution: After hardening the cockpit door, airlines should add the next logical step: airplane trap door that springs open to entrap terrorists below deck.

Bonus: Great prank to pull on the co-pilot going on a bathroom break.

Improvement Suggestion: Add an alligator pit to the trap door … or better yet, some motherf-ckin’ snakes on the motherf-ckin pit!

Airplane Sleeping Gas System

airplane sleeping gas system Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism PatentsU.S. Patent 6499693, Aircraft to respond to threats, by Ariel S. Rogson. Issued Dec 31, 2002.

Problem: Terrorists are almost successful in breaking down the cockpit door…

Solution: Gas ‘em! Here’s a system that puts incapacitating gas into the plane’s ventilation system. After everyone’s knocked unconscious, the pilot can land the plane and let the police deal with the hijackers.

Potential Complications: Better hope the terrorists aren’t carrying the Face Protector Against Poisonous Gas invention listed above. Also, the gas knocks out everybody, passengers and terrorists alike, which leads us to …

Passenger Control System During Flight

airplane passenger control syringe Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 6970105, Passenger control system during a plane flying, by Paolo Valletta. Issued Nov 29, 2005.

Problem: A terrorist is onboard, and you want to disable him without harming the other passengers.

Solution: Make all passengers wear armbands that monitors their body for signs of falsehood and evil (ooh, say heart pulsation and blood pressure – hey, it’s in the patent application, mmkay?). And did I mention there’s a syringe filled with a strong tranquilizer connected to the thing? One “anomalous emotional condition,” then off to dreamland they go!

Bonus: Works for unruly kids.

Explosion Containment Net

explosion containment umbrella Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 6854374, Explosion containment net, by O. Alan Breazeale. Issued Feb 15, 2005.
That you, Solid Snake?

Problem: Suicide bombers may detonate their bomb and kill a lot of people.

Solution: It may look like an umbrella, but that’s actually a kevlar net fired from a special gun to encapsulate and contain a bomb’s blast. The net also contains a tube for dispensing fire suppressant agent (the tank is worn on the back of the net operator in Figures 6 and 7 above).

Bonus: Great for fishing or tackling

Mobile Crematorium

mobile crematorium Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

U.S. Patent 6729247, Mobile crematorium, by Andrew and Nelle Brown. Issued May 4, 2004.

Problem: When all effort to prevent a large scale act of terrorism failed and the body count of victims is high, then something is needed to get rid of the bodies …

Solution: A mobile crematorium – basically a combustion chamber on wheels.

Bonus: Probably makes a mean BBQ! Also works to get rid of dead zombies.

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ireel Top 10 Strangest Anti Terrorism Patents

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology

church of scientology international 47953f93f1e26 300x300 Wikipedia bans Church of ScientologyExclusive In an unprecedented effort to crack down on self-serving edits, the Wikipedia supreme court has banned contributions from all IP addresses owned or operated by the Church of Scientology and its associates.

Closing out the longest-running court case in Wikiland history, the site’s Arbitration Committee voted 10 to 0 (with one abstention) in favor of the move, which takes effect immediately.
The eighth most popular site on the web, Wikipedia bills itself as “the free encyclopedia anyone can edit.” Administrators frequently ban individual Wikifiddlers for their individual Wikisins.
The Church of Scientology has not responded to our request for comment.

Officially, Wikipedia frowns on those who edit “in order to promote their own interests.” The site sees itself as an encyclopedia with a “neutral point of view” – whatever that is. “Use of the encyclopedia to advance personal agendas – such as advocacy or propaganda and philosophical, ideological or religious dispute – or to publish or promote original research is prohibited,” say the Wikipowersthatbe.

Admins may ban a Wikifiddler who betrays an extreme conflict of interest, and since fiddlers often hide their identity behind open proxies, such IPs may be banned as a preventative measure. After today’s ruling from the Arbitration Committee – known in Orwellian fashion as the ArbCom – Scientology IPs are “to be blocked as if they were open proxies” (though individual editors can request an exemption).

According to evidence turned up by admins in this long-running Wikiland court case, multiple editors have been “openly editing [Scientology-related articles] from Church of Scientology equipment and apparently coordinating their activities.” Leaning on the famed WikiScanner, countless news stories have discussed the editing of Scientology articles from Scientology IPs, and some site admins are concerned this is “damaging Wikipedia’s reputation for neutrality.”

One admin tells The Reg that policing edits from Scientology machines has been particularly difficult because myriad editors sit behind a small number of IPs and, for some reason, the address of each editor is constantly changing. This prevents admins from determining whether a single editor is using multiple Wikipedia accounts to game the system. In Wikiland, such sockpuppeting is not allowed.

The Wikicourt considered banning edits from Scientology IPs only on Scientology-related articles. But this would require admins to “checkuser” editors – i.e. determine their IP – every time an edit is made. And even then they may not know who’s who.

“Our alternatives are to block them entirely, or checkuser every ‘pro-Scientology’ editor on this topic. I find the latter unacceptable,” wrote one ArbComer. “It is quite broad, but it seems that they’re funneling a lot of editing traffic through a few IPs, which make socks impossible to track.”

And it may be a moot point. Most the editors in question edit nothing but Scientology-related articles. In Wikiparlance, they’re “single purpose accounts.”

Some have argued that those editing from Scientology IPs may be doing so without instruction from the Church hierarchy. But a former member of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs – a department officially responsible “for directing and coordinating all legal matters affecting the Church” – says the Office has organized massive efforts to remove Scientology-related materials and criticism from the web.

“The guys I worked with posted every day all day,” Tory Christman tells The Reg. “It was like a machine. I worked with someone who used five separate computers, five separate anonymous identities…to refute any facts from the internet about the Church of Scientology.”

Christman left the Church in 2000, before Wikipedia was created.

This is the fourth Scientology-related Wikicourtcase in as many years, and in addition to an outright ban on Scientology IPs, the court has barred a host of anti-Scientology editors from editing topics related to the Church.

Many Wikifiddlers have vehemently criticized this sweeping crackdown. Historically, the site’s cult-like inner circle has aspired to some sort of Web 2.0 utopia in which everyone has an unfettered voice. An organization editing Wikipedia articles where it has a conflict of interest is hardly unusual, and in the past such behavior typically went unpunished.

But clearly, Wikipedia is changing. In recent months, the site’s ruling body seems far more interested in quashing at least the most obvious examples of propaganda pushing.

Scientology’s banishment from Wikipedia comes just days after the opening of a (real world) trial that could see the dissolution of the organization’s French chapter


World Dumbest Criminals part 2

Recently we write story about 21 Dumbest Criminals of the 21st Century and all visitors love it, because here is another new list whit more World Dumbest Criminals in part 2

Derrick Kosch

olice said a Kokomo man accidentally shot himself in the genitals as he robbed a convenience store early Tuesday.

Kokomo police said they were called to a Village Pantry store at 100 N. Ohio St. at about 4:20 a.m. after a clerk at the store called them.The female clerk told police that a man came into the store with a semiautomatic handgun, grabbed her hair and demanded cash and cigarettes before handing her a white cloth bag.  The clerk said that as she retrieved the cigarettes she heard a gunshot and turned to confront the man, who yelled that he had shot himself…Read more

thomas infante 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Thomas Infante

Thomas Infante, 40, was arrested after the Fifth Third Bank at 4017 West Lawrence was robbed on Friday.

Infante walked into the bank and handed a teller a threatening note demanding cash, according to an FBI news release. What the FBI said they noticed but Infante failed to consider was that the note was written on the back of his own pay stub.

When he fled the bank, Infante left the note behind, including a torn-off portion dropped outside the bank that included his name and address, the FBI said. Infante was arrested at his home in Cary, Ill., where he allegedly confessed to the robbery.

And the take wasn’t even that good — the teller only handed over $397, according to a criminal complaint. If convicted, he could spend up to 20 years behind bars.

sperm bank robbery 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Anil Mohite

Indian police have arrested two men over the theft of more than 100 sperm samples from India’s oldest sperm bank in Aurangabad, central India, national media said on Tuesday.

Anil Mohite tried to sell the stolen sperm to an infertility center in Mumbai last week for 25,000 rupees ($626) unaware of the real cost of his stolen plunder. In Europe three vials cost approximately $180 to $250.

Doctors became suspicious and contacted the police. During the investigation police discovered that Anil Mohite’s close relative worked at the Aurangabad sperm bank and both men were arrested on suspicion of theft. Read More

peter addison mark ridgeway 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Peter Addison and Mak Ridgeway

Bungling burglar Peter Addison was nabbed by police – because he scrawled “Peter Addison was here” at the scene of his crime.

The 18-year old wrote his name in black marker pen on a wall as he and pals raided a campsite and went on a boozy wrecking spree.

Police who arrived to investigate the incident were stunned to find Addison’s calling card plus other messages saying: “Thanks for the Stay” at the Toc H Campsite for under privileged children in Adlington, near Macclesfield, Cheshire.

They checked his details on a computer system and when they caught up with him, he was found to be wearing a T shirt stolen from campsite during the burglary… Read More

billy jordan 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Billy Jordan

Billy Jordan of Riverview says he feels stupid because he spent 10 hours stuck inside a commercial grill vent at the Lucky Buffet on U.S. 301 South in Hillsborough County.
Jordan, 45, says it was, “like a rat being in a tunnel,” and that he’ll never do such a thing again.
Manager Zhangjin Xu says an employee discovered Jordan’s legs dangling from the vent when she arrived for work Friday morning.

“She was surprised and a little scared,” said Xu. “She called out and asked for her son.” Read more

is job 150x133 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Marco Marabotto

Marco, would have never gotten caught if he hadn’t listed his name and address on the job application. Now Marabotto faces up to four years in the slammer after lifting Carly Miller’s wallet from her purse during an Aug. 15 job interview, sources said.
“This is one of the dumbest criminals alive,” said Bill Clinger, Miller’s boss at Revolution, a pedicab courier service on Ninth Avenue. Clinger advertised for a driver on Craigslist and Marabotto, who lives in Manhattan, made an appointment for an interview.

Miller, 22, did the interview from behind a desk as Marabotto sat across from her. Her purse was on a chair next to him. Miller got good vibes from Marabotto.
“I would have hired him, absolutely,” she said yesterday. “I had a good feeling about him. He was very friendly and warm.”

aaron evans tattoo 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Aarron Evans
A car thief who had his name and date of birth tattooed on his neck was caught after CCTV images of him were used to track him down. Aarron Evans, 21, pleaded guilty at Bristol Magistrates’ Court to breaking into a covert capture car in the city.
The car had been left by Avon and Somerset Police officers with a covert camera concealed inside, which took pictures of Evans. Evans, an illiterate man of no fixed address, was sentenced to seven months.

Supt Ian Wylie said: “Criminals won’t be tolerated in Bristol and we will keep catching them and bringing them before the courts. “We get such excellent images from these cameras that there is often, and never more so than in this case, no doubt who the criminal is.”

chriskron 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Christopher Kron

Surveillance video from the Junkanoo Restaurant catches the suspect breaking in and rummaging through the bar area.
You can’t hear it on the video, but restaurant employees tell WINK News the alarms were blaring.
It didn’t seem to bother the burglar and neither did a phone call from the alarm company.
Manager, George Tomasi still can’t believe the suspect’s next move, “He picked it up and the security company asked him who this was, and he gave him his name!”
That’s right, according to the alarm company ADT, the suspect identified himself as Christopher Kron, which deputies say was his real name.Read More

william anthony 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Anthony William

Raleigh police say the man caught on tape, stealing a car at a crime scene, was arrested with the car in Virginia.Eyewitness News crews were at the scene of a multiple stabbing on Millbrook Road in Raleigh Monday when a second crime happened in front of the police officers at the scene.A woman stepped out of her 2004 Honda Accord to talk to an officer about the crime. While her back is turned, a man in a black cap carrying a big stick walked past her and jumped into her car.

The officer banged on the hood – to try to get the man to stop, but he got away.

news003 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2David Daloia  and James O’Hare

On Tuesday, when a Pay-O-Matic Check Cashing store on Ninth Avenue declined to honor Cintron’s $355 welfare check unless he was present, Daloia and O’Hare hatched their “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style plot to roll their friend’s fresh corpse from his West 52nd Street home to the store in an office chair, said cops.

“We walked to the corner and saw two guys,” Daloia recounted. “They said, ‘He looks pale. Do you want us to call 911?’ And I said, ‘Please do.’ “

A police detective lunching at a nearby restaurant saw Cintron, decided right away he was dead, and questioned Daloia and O’Hare, who ended up spending the next three days under arrest.

Freed from Rikers Island on $1,000 bail Thursday, the duo spent yesterday stumbling through Manhattan in hope of recovering a couple-hundred in cash O’Hara had to hand over to cops before he was locked up….Read More

Weird and Wacky Drinks

Some drinks just make sense. Take a Tom Collins: gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a drizzle of sugar syrup, and some carbonated water to taste. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for a balmy spring afternoon (or a summer or fall afternoon—winter would be okay too).

But other drinks defy logic and good sense. Here are some of the weirdest drinks, ranging from stupid (Diet Water) to scandalous (beer for kids) to reportedly sensational (Pizza Beer).

Pizza Beer

pizzabeerkc Weird and Wacky DrinksChef Tom & Mamma Mia (also known by their legal names, Tom and Athena Seefurth) chop and smash basil, oregano, tomato, and garlic, spending at least four hours on brew day making sure the bits and pieces are small enough so that they don’t get stuck in the equipment. Chef Tom told me they have produced 300 barrels of the beer, sell it in more than one hundred establishments, and currently ship to certain states. Their Web site claims pizza beer is the “World’s First Culinary Beer.”

Japanese Beer for Kids

Apparently Camel was really on to something when they marketed cigarettes to young kids. According to a Japanese blog, Kodomo no nomimono is a sensation in Japan—it is a nonalcoholic cola that is made to look like real beer, complete with brown dye and froth on top. It is manufactured by Sangaria and made popular by commercials featuring giddy kids with beer foam mustaches. The company now offers wine, champagne, and cocktails for kiddies.

Bacon Martini

baconmartinikc Weird and Wacky DrinksNext time you have the urge to order your martini shaken, not stirred, consider asking instead for it “porked, not poked.” At Double Down Saloon, an off-the-strip dive in Las Vegas, bartenders pour from bottles of vodka that have bacon drowning in the bottom. Your oily martini might have a slice of bacon floating on top—not the olives you’re used to seeing. Did anyone ever say meat and liquor don’t mix?

Diet Water

dietwaterkc Weird and Wacky Drinks

From Japanese manufacturer Sapporo comes … Diet Water! I can’t seem to find the ingredients—at least in English—of Diet Water, but the whole concept seems bunk. How could water possibly have fewer calories than zero, and fewer fat grams than zero? Maybe consumers really are willing to swallow anything.

Pocari Sweat

pocarisweatkc Weird and Wacky Drinks

Forget the euphemism of Gatorade or Powerade. When we sweat, we want to drink … sweat? Pocari Sweat is an energy drink appropriately named. According to the drink’s Web site, the health beverage, introduced in Japan in 1980, replaces lost fluids and minerals, and can be bought in fourteen countries—ranging from Malaysia to the United Arab Emirates—around the world.

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

pepsiicecucumberkc Weird and Wacky DrinksAccording to the Washington Post, Pepsi unveiled a—swallow, burp—cucumber soda in Japan last summer. According to the news account, while the special edition of Pepsi does not have an actual cucumber in it, artificial flavors deliver the “refreshing” taste of cucumber. And the masses were apparently enjoying it: Japan’s Pepsi distributor, Sunbury, Ltd., planned to sell 200,000 cases over three months.

pupupu pupupu